Roles and Responsibilities of Architects in Construction

Roles and Responsibilities of Architects in Construction

Access Doors and Panels on 13th May 2020

 Roles and Responsibilities of Architects in Construction

In the construction industry, architects play an essential role in the visual appearance of buildings and structures before the final structural design. The mind behind a system that is artistic and functional is the architect. The construction team summons an architect to hear out the group's needs and wants.

He/she must also be vigilant of the construction project from the moment everything they initially planned until they finish the site. He/she is also the go-to person when it comes to clarification or guidance. If you don't know the architects' roles and responsibilities in construction, read this article until the end.

From an idea to a design

A building owner or investor hires an architect's services when the moment an idea or a need requires the physical representation of its potential outcome. It is the perfect time for an architect to pour his/her artistic touch and personal creativity into a project.

We are all aware that a construction project has enormous design drawings that have to be prepared all before executing the work on-site. Any errors should be pre-checked before implementation. The architect prepares sketch designs that will give an idea about the layout of different spaces within and nearby the building. The overall massing and the appearance of the project will reflect on the architects' sketch design.

Both the architect and a civil engineer will perform and supervise the construction of a building or structure. To make things even better, an architect can render different drawings, including the floor plan, the site plan, the elevation, the isometric view, and other detailed structural drawings such as 3D models and 3D views.

Technology has helped everyone, including architects, with making their jobs a little bit easier. From time to time, he/she will also deal with the front elevation and the landscaping details. You can say that architects are the jack of all trades.

From design to estimation costs

Having an estimation of the costs at different stages of the project progress will help control the budget to keep the client and the project team alert before any issues happen with the account. Architects have an important role in visualizing from top to down of the whole building structure.

However, they always need the help of engineers to help with understanding the practicality of construction. If the client is handing over the entire project to the architect, the architect will perform the complete construction estimation. Suppose the construction team places the architect on a specific work such as the facade improvement or landscaping modeling and implementation. In that case, he/she must bring a cost estimation for the same. Make sure that your architect has years of experience so that you can avoid any mishaps with the estimation costs.

From design to construction

Once the plan is approved and the construction well underway, the architect shifts into a consultant and a spectator simultaneously. The roles and responsibilities of an architect during construction are the following:

  1. Clarification of any design details to the construction teams
  2. Review of the detailed plans from smaller construction teams to ensure that they stay true to the original design
  3. Redesign or make changes to the original design if necessary or to add value, adjust construction scope, or to be able to comply with regulations
  4. Certify that work is complete in the right manner

You need to entirely rely on your architect to ensure the construction process will go as smoothly as possible entirely. These responsibilities are for strict and wholehearted compliance.

From construction to continuous maintenance

Once the construction company completes the project, the architect must leave an "owner's manual" and recommendations for future maintenance and repairs. He/she might also be contacted in the future if new issues or questions arise. An architect will need to know how their structure is doing from time to time to ensure that every area that they've designed is beneficial to everyone. Redoing the architectural plan all over again is impossible because the engineers have already built it. Making some sudden changes to the building without the owner's permission is illegal. The architect needs to finalize all of the plans to ensure no other issues will happen with the building process. And if ever there are any minor problems found related to the architect's plans, that would be the time where the architect will step in and assist with the repairs and restorations.

Choose the best architect for the job

With many architects in the construction industry, there's always going to be one who cannot meet your expectations. Choosing the right architect can be a complicated and time-consuming task, especially if you don't have the right people capable of helping you out. It is the part where you always need to assess the architect that you'll be working with.

There are various steps to successfully choose the right architect, such as finding out their insurance, asking for credentials, etc. You learn about those by going through their website or social pages, or by word of mouth about the architect you'll hire to make the process faster and easier.

In summary, architects bring ideas to life and create wonders that must endure natural surroundings and provide valuable space for every project. Every building you see, there's an architect that was the brain of designing every area and every aspect of it. We owe it all to the architects because they bring us buildings that are both appealing and safe to stay in. There won't ever be beautifully designed buildings without the tremendous efforts of the architects.

Access Doors and Panels is here to help as best as we can. If you are an architect looking for professional services from a trusted company, visit today. You can also find that we have other informative articles that can help you with the different construction aspects. And while you're at it, you can go ahead and take a look at some of the high-quality access doors and panels we have to offer to you.

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