Why Do You Need Access Panels for Commercial Kitchens?

Why Do You Need Access Panels for Commercial Kitchens?

Access Doors and Panels on 7th Jul 2021

Why Do You Need Access Panels for Commercial Kitchens?

Some commercial buildings like hotels have commercial kitchens to cook food for the hotel guests. Since the kitchen produces tons of smoke due to cooking, contractors install vents that serve to eliminate smoke out of the kitchen. While the smoke can suffocate people inside the kitchen, it can also stain the walls that can become too difficult to clean in the long run.

In most cases, wall, ceiling, and floor surfaces inside the kitchen have building components behind them, such as plumbing pipes and electrical wires. The kitchen can get filthy after a whole day of cooking food, and you need to protect those components by covering the openings. Instead of using a typical covering, you need to use an access panel.

What is an Access Panel?

Before buying an access panel, you need to learn about them. Most of the time, new building owners don't know what it is, especially if they didn't have enough during the construction process of their building. You can find that buildings, most especially commercial ones, need access panels for people to gain access to wires, pipes, and other components.

An access panel's primary purpose is to provide easy access to surface openings. When you don't install access panels, technicians have no choice but to break through the surface to the building components. Damage to the surface can cost valuable time and money, so the most effective way of providing easy access is to install an access panel.

Since you now know what an access panel is, you need to learn how beneficial it can be to you and your kitchen.

Avoid damaging building components.

A kitchen can get filled with different kinds of debris from food that can find its way into tiny cracks and spaces. Those areas usually lead to building components, and you need to find a way to prevent them from ever happening. And a time will come when your building technicians will need to do some work on those components, so an access panel can help protect them from food debris like grease.

When the kitchen gets busy throughout the day, the access panels can keep the building components safe without food debris getting inside them. Note that the smoke emanating from cooking pans can also seep through the cracks. Fortunately, access panels provide adequate protection.

Gain convenient access when cleaning.

The ducts also need regular cleaning because of the tons of smoke that pass through the vents. It's the reason technicians need duct access panels because they ensure that smoke doesn't go anywhere else but outside of the building and provide convenient access when the time arrives that you need to clean them.

Your kitchen ducts might become so dirty that dirt, rust, and other disgusting debris will fall into the cooking pans, which you need to avoid at all times by simply cleaning out the vents. You have the option to choose different access panel sizes for ducts. You can get a larger size to ensure your maintenance personnel can clean out the duct's inside without a problem.

If you want to get high-quality access panels for your commercial kitchens, you have to get them from Access Doors and Panels. We can provide different access panel sizes for kitchens for any surface. 

7th Jul 2021 Access Doors and Panels