What is a Double Leaf Door?

What is a Double Leaf Door?

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 29th Jul 2021

What is a Double Leaf Door?

Doors are some of the most helpful elements in an establishment. A building is not complete without doors. A door separates interior space to provide privacy, security, safety, and convenience in its essential function. A door can also function as a secure passage into a building for safety or climate control reasons.

Sometimes, the terms single-leaf and double-leaf pop up when the topic of doors come up. All there is to it is how many doors are there in the opening. A "leaf" is just another word for a single door. A double door opening has two "leaves," and there are two doors in a pair. One can see double doors at storage closets, building entrances, meeting room arrivals, and other wide space openings.

The Beauty of a Double Leaf Door

A double-leaf door has a lot of uses. It is a convenient way to access large spaces. This convenience is especially true when one tries to access areas that need regular maintenance or repair but requires machinery or equipment to also be in the same place to operate. The double-leaf door is an excellent example of a door that provides safety and security for people servicing the building.


The materials for a double-leaf door come in various options depending on its intended use. The materials vary because it needs to suit its intended purpose. An example is when there is a need to install a double-leaf in an area with lots of moisture. It is a given that you can't have materials prone to corrosion. So there is a need to choose corrosion-resistant materials for such a space.

There are also times when the double-leaf door functions for specific requirements. An example of this is when the door needs to hold someone in or keep someone out. The materials for these doors are heavy-duty to provide additional strength against all sorts of damages. It ensures the durability of the entrance to last longer when taking damage.

Another example of its great use is when it functions as a vent. There are industrial facilities that require large vents to let out smoke or heat. A double-leaf door can also serve as a vent since it can momentarily open a large opening and close back when needed. Naturally, the materials in use for these types of scenarios are heat-resistant.

The Hottest Double-Leaf Door Products

These are some of the best products in the market right now. Have a look and see if any might fit the needs of your establishment.

60" x 96" Aluminum UL Listed Smoke Vent - Double Leaf from Acudor

This product is a smoke vent type design to relieve an industrial building of hazardous gases, smoke, and heat. Its features are as follows:

Features SVA

  • 1/8" Aluminum
  • 12" high insulated curb
  • UL Listed Fusible or McCabe Resettable Links
  • Inside and Outside manual release
  • High-performance gas springs

Optional Features SVA

  • Curb mount or Metal Building Flange
  • Double-Dome Co-Polyester lids for daylighting
  • Louvered curb for ventilation

24" x 36" Heavy-Duty Double-Leaf Access Door for Large Openings with Exposed Flange from Cendrex

Designed with a screwdriver-operated cam latch and double doors, this model is ideal for larger openings. The model includes an inside panel release and a pre-installed screwdriver-operated cylinder cam latch.

Other Details:

  • Installation: Walls and ceilings
  • Material: Cold rolled steel
  • Locking mechanism: Screwdriver operated cylinder cam latch
  • Hinge: Piano hinge
  • Flange: Exposed flange
  • Size: Other sizes available upon request

48" x 48" Lightweight Aluminum Panel (Double Leaf) from Acudor

The mitered aluminum frame gives an aesthetically and architecturally pleasing appearance. Lining the aluminum door panel is a 3/4" polystyrene insulation. The all-aluminum construction of the LT-4000 is ideal for exterior applications and is perfect for specific interior applications where moisture or corrosion is a problem. Gasketing between the frame and the door is a 1/8" x 3/8" closed cell neoprene gasket. There is no conducted test for airtight or watertight.


Many people don't see the beauty of what a good quality door can offer to an establishment. People tend to disregard the extraordinary qualities a double-leaf door can provide to a building. If you want to learn some additional in-depth knowledge about the topic, consider reaching out to a professional for sound advice and more options if you intend to purchase.

29th Jul 2021 Posted by Access Doors and Panels