​Tips for Choosing the Right Access Doors and Panels for Your Healthcare Facility

​Tips for Choosing the Right Access Doors and Panels for Your Healthcare Facility

Access Doors and Panels on 4th May 2022

​Tips for Choosing the Right Access Doors and Panels for Your Healthcare Facility

Access doors and panels are crucial for many modern structures. It may vary in uses depending on material type and other purposes, but it's primarily for maintenance and access to sensitive and critical components of the building. Without these installations, it will be challenging for your personnel to upkeep the various systems necessary for your structure to operate.

Health facilities or institutions are some buildings that utilize these installations for their excellent usefulness. Due to the critical function these places offer to the public, it will affect society if these structures get damaged, making access doors and panels essential in maintaining the integrity of the building.

Things to Consider When Choosing

When choosing an access panel in your next build for your healthcare facility, here are some of the things you have to mull over. It would be best if you considered these factors and asked for the opinions of a licensed professional before you proceed with your project plan.


The location where you will place your access doors and panels will matter because it will determine the type and size of your installation. You will have to inspect the most suitable locations where you can install them to optimize their uses. You can work with an expert to determine your best course of action and if you have alternative options.

Suppose you're in the process of constructing your dream health care facility. In that case, this situation is the ideal time for you to consider where you will place them because you can work with some experts. They can show you the optimal way of setting them using the latest software like AutoCAD, which will indicate if your access doors and panels have adequate space for them to fit.


When selecting suitable access doors and panels for your building, you can choose from many manufacturers. After checking your location, you need to consider what size will best fit the space. There are several options, but if there are unique requirements for your settings, ask if the manufacturer can offer custom sizes.


Once you figure out where you will have to place your access doors and panels, you will need to determine the best type and materials for the area. If the space has high exposure to moisture and there is a chance of corrosion, consider getting access doors and panels resistant to rusting. Some facilities would need additional security measures, and robust materials made of metal would be more appropriate for such instances. Work with your expert to ensure that you get the most suitable type.

Types of Access Doors Suitable for Your Healthcare Facility

Knowing the best types of access doors and panels for your facility and its unique settings is an advantage that you should not overlook. Here are some suitable types that you can utilize for your building:

General Purpose Access Doors and Panels

General-purpose access doors are among the most typical types you can utilize because you can install them on many surfaces. They can fit in many settings once you consider the other factors that might affect them. You might get overwhelmed because it has many variations, so check what's best for the location.

Fire Rated Access Doors and Panels

Fire is always a concern for any building or facility. Fire-rated access doors and panels can delay fire from quickly engulfing the protected building components. This type will need to pass some tests (which determine its fire rating) before being certified for use.

Security Access Panels

There are different types of health care facilities; they usually house many vulnerable people. This situation merits the need for an additional form of security. Hospital entrance doors, for example, will have other requirements depending on if the facility has a particular case like housing psychiatric patients.

Security access panels will fit nicely in these situations. Their material composition is primarily steel, making them resistant to most physical damages and could provide excellent protection due to their specialized design prohibiting unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

Airtight/Watertight Access Doors and Panels

It is challenging when your healthcare facility has an intended design because it will have unique needs. Accommodating patients with contagious diseases is one of the most difficult because your building will have to have measures of containment so as not to spread the pathogens to other patients.

Installing airtight/watertight access doors and panels is an effective installation that could help with the containment measures. They mainly prevent air or moisture infiltration from one area to another, creating a barrier that authorized personnel could still use to gain access.

The Takeaway

To plan and select the ideal access doors and panels for your facility, you need to choose and work with a reputable contractor. Their expertise and knowledge could provide a more customized approach to your unique settings. The one thing you must do is do your homework when looking for one.

Searching for suitable access doors and panels for your projects might be challenging and overwhelming. Here at Access Doors and Panels, you can find a product that will undoubtedly fit your requirements without much the hassle. Call (800) 609-2917 now for more information.

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