The List of Elements of Construction

The List of Elements of Construction

Access Doors and Panels on 25th Apr 2018

The List of Elements of Construction

For those who are new to the construction industry, there is this preconceived notion that construction, or rather the art of it is simply wood and cement, with the added door and window in the mix. Wrong – there is so much when it comes to the industry of construction – we list the five elements which can be commonly associated with construction.

Floor finishes

Regardless of the project is for industrial space or commercial one – flooring finishes are just one of the many common elements. Contractors and designers base their choice of the floor on what will prove not only beneficial for space but will complement the environment as well. The floor, whether it is a concrete, laminate, or wood panel is essential when it comes to not only adding that personal touch but also the practicality and purpose of it. You wouldn’t put a cement or marble flooring where kids will be and you wouldn’t put a plastic wood flooring when there will be lots of wear and tear from rolling chairs, etc. floors the sometimes An unexpected element that is not only essential but makes the space.


Typically when it comes to walls and their function, there are two options: they will either be a load-bearing wall or a non-load-bearing wall. What this means is that the load-bearing wall is meant to provide support, whether that is for a pillar or another structure itself. A non-load bearing wall is a wall that offers no structural support and is truly meant to add a divider between spaces. Typically these walls are plaster in the material. Non-load bearing walls are great walls for the installation of an access panel – simply adding more functionality to the already function orientated wall.


If you thought picking a floor had varieties, windows have just as many to pick from as they all have varying purposes. A window that goes in the basement will be a different make from a window that is for the bedroom. While also having different functions, windows can be made with different coatings and materials. From an extra film of insulation to one that prevents the glare and heating of the sun. For contractors and designers, windows have different aspects similar to that of floor choices.


Doors and panels can be both decorative but also purposeful. They can be used on the inside or outside of a house or building. It is an element within an element because when you look at the quality, insulation, and material is something to bear in mind. When a contractor looks to purchase a door with insulation they are looking to have a door that is of higher grade quality. So whether it’s dark mahogany or a traditional French door, doors like windows have an aesthetic yet purposeful use.


Insulation, depending on where you are in the world, is an important element to consider. It can mean saving a few bucks to hundreds depending on the season. Insulation is an important material in construction because it obstructs the flow of heat while preventing cold air from penetrating. Spending more on having insulation in certain products or installed between walls can go a long way both for the client and the customers. Together these 5 make the elements of constructions- and together they are the combination that results in a quality and thorough build and with Best Access Doors. To view an assortment of access panels and doors to help your next project check out:

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