The Benefits of Installing Insulated Access Panels

The Benefits of Installing Insulated Access Panels

Access Doors and Panels on 26th Feb 2020

The Benefits of Installing Insulated Access Panels

Why is there a need for insulation in certain buildings? Insulation is an added building feature that allows for the prevention of heat loss. It promotes soundproofing while also adding an extra layer of security. You can do a lot with insulation, and it won't let you down. And if we're talking about access panels, there's also a need for insulation.

Nowadays, access panels are essential in commercial buildings such as offices, restaurants, schools, etc. There are different crucial systems behind ceilings and walls, and the only to access them without breaking through the material of the surface is with an access door or panel. Chance are, you will always see an access panel no matter what commercial building you go to.

Before proceeding any further, you need to know what insulation is and how it can benefit you and the area you install. It would be best if you didn't keep buying a random access panel because the one you choose might not fit the space you have to install it in. You might buy an insulated access panel, but the surface you'll be installing it on doesn't require it. It would not only inconvenience you when you have to replace the panel-- what's worse is that you will have to spend more to get it right.

Basics of Insulation

As the name implies, insulation is any substance or material used to fill tiny or large spaces like crevices, small gaps, above ceilings, etc. The primary responsibility of insulation is to reduce a building's heat flow by absorbing or reflecting it. Without insulation, metal surfaces are quick to heat up, especially when there is something behind the metal surface you need protecting. There are things like electrical switches, electrical wirings, pipes from water or gas, and everything else required for the entire building to function smoothly.

There are also different types of insulation. You have soundproofing insulation, thermal insulation, and electrical insulation. But since we're talking about access panels, we will be talking about the insulation of access doors and panels. Typically, the only thing you need to fret about insulated access panels is to absorb heat and provide an airtight and watertight seal at all times.

Why the Need for Insulated Access Panels?

Construction companies will always install insulated access doors and panels in large buildings such as offices, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. The main reason to install an access panel is to provide quick and easy access to certain areas of the building where specific systems, pipes, or wires behind the walls or ceilings.

To add more protection to the access panels, you can provide them with insulation. It's needed to ensure the building follows the fire code safety. A fire might happen at one point, and you need to keep whatever is behind the access door and panel. It is the moment where insulation will help combat the heat and keep the access panel insulated for an amount of time.

Components of Insulation

Now that you know why commercial buildings need access panels, you should also know what materials are used for the access panel to provide the required insulation of the building needs. It's also a good idea to know if you need a good conversation starter with the maintenance personnel in the future.

Insulation consists of fiberglass, slag wool, rock, and natural fibers. Most of the time, we would always think of insulation as something fluffy and soft. However, manufacturers can produce insulation with sleek foils or rigid foam boards. You can also choose the density of insulation material to fit the specifications you need. If you need higher insulation, you need to get a thicker or denser choice of insulation.

There is one type of insulation where most construction companies get, and that is the one made with fiberglass. This type of insulation allows thermal regulation while also being a solid soundproofing material. 

Will Insulated Access Panels Benefit You?

Since you now know what insulation is and how it works, you might go out and get yourself an access panel. Before doing that, you have to understand how buying one will benefit you and the building. It's best to know how it will help you and give you an idea to utilize its features correctly.

This benefit may be a shock to everybody, but you can save money with this. Without insulation, cold air can creep inside the panel, and it can cause molds and mildew inside walls or ceilings. You wouldn't want this happening, especially with the frames, because this can potentially harm both people and the building materials. Don't worry-- you can never go wrong even if you spend more today and experience the long-lasting effects in the future. Also, having excellent insulation has been proven that it can lower your energy bills.

One other benefit of insulation is it's soundproof. It is a critical feature when installing the access panel on the exterior parts of a building. When you open the exterior panel, you can hear sounds from the outside pass through the inside. It can be a nuisance, especially if you have a recording studio or a library inside the building that needs utter silence.

What's even better is you can find insulation inside access doors and panels. You can best bet the inside of the insulated access doors and panels will be kept away from any fire and provide long-lasting protection.

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