​What Kind of Access Doors Can Be Installed in an Outdoor Kitchen?

​What Kind of Access Doors Can Be Installed in an Outdoor Kitchen?

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 21st Jun 2023

​What Kind of Access Doors Can Be Installed in an Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens are the pinnacle of luxury and convenience, offering fresh open-air, warmth, and sunlight, with the smell and sizzle of delicious food surrounding you. With such benefits, it is little wonder why an outdoor kitchen substantially increase property values. However, these spaces require special care and consideration. Maintaining your outdoor kitchen space extends far beyond cleaning grills, wiping off countertops, and replacing propane tanks.

An outdoor kitchen comprises several components that are below the surface and must be regularly maintained, while the base cabinets of your outdoor kitchen or island BBQ pose a particular point of vulnerability. If neglected, your outdoor oasis can quickly become a nightmare and an expensive one at that. You must ensure that exposed base cabinets are adequately protected from dust, debris, insects, and the elements, or you will undoubtedly encounter issues.

Conventional cabinet doors made of wood, plywood, or laminate struggle in moist environments and will deteriorate over time due to corrosion and decay. Weather and rot-resistant options such as Cedar, Cypress, and Redwood take a major toll on your wallet and require even more special care and regular maintenance. Also, they provide no resistance to fire.

The Outdoor Kitchen Access Door: Your Ideal Solution

What comes to mind when you hear the word access door? Chances are that you conceptualize a bulky, matte object that is stored out of sight and out of mind. Yet, these cost-effective and convenient components are so much more than that.

Access doors expertly conceal base cabinets and storage spaces throughout your outdoor kitchen spaces, serving as the ideal BBQ access door. Access doors are your access point for regular inspections, maintenance, and storage for outdoor spaces so you can keep things in working order!

Choosing the Right Outdoor BBQ Access Door

Access doors and panels span a spectrum of materials and styles; however, stainless steel and aluminum options are ideally suited for outdoor conditions. Options such as the AHD-SS General Purpose Panel with Flange - Stainless Steel by Cendrex fit the bill, primarily due to their quick and easy installations within masonry structures such as tile, decorative stone, or brick. The door’s flush-to-frame design, which you can enhance with high-quality neoprene gasketing provides an airtight, weatherproof seal, ideal for outdoor settings.

Whether your outdoor kitchen or island BBQ boasts 304, 443, or 430-grade stainless steel appliances, AHD-SS BBQ access door will blend in flawlessly, nearly indistinguishable from your stainless-steel appliances. With its 304 #4 polished steel finish, AHD-SS boasts a sleek panel and frame constructed of 16-gauge steel.

Selecting Options for Your BBQ Access Panel

Outdoor kitchen access doors provide the added advantage of various options for cams and latches, such as handle operated, screwdriver, or hex head fittings to suit your needs for access. Where enhanced security is required, you can prepare your model with a conventional lock and key or heavy-duty mortise lock and cylinder to keep propane tanks, adult beverages, or sharp items safely and securely stored away.

Your choice of access door must have a sturdy and reliable hinge for frequent use with minimal maintenance requirements, each of which you can expect from AHD-SS. Standard models come with a concealed pin hinge, with models over 24” in width or height outfitted with a continuous piano hinge for smooth and easy access! Read more about AHD-SS’s specifications and find what suits your needs best!

General purpose access doors are an economical option that will contribute to your investment by maintaining a polished and sophisticated look while providing quick installations and easy or restricted access. They are easy to maneuver, handle and install. Specifically for outdoor settings, choose an element and weatherproof option made of aluminum or stainless steel, as these options are also aesthetically and architecturally pleasing.

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