​On the Site Project Delays

​On the Site Project Delays

Access Doors and Panels on 4th Oct 2018

​On the Site Project Delays

No matter how big or small a project is, clients and contractors alike fear project delays. Delays by a few days might not be so severe; however, if the delays turn into weeks or months, which can affect both the budget but the expected completion date.

Experienced contractors understand that some things are beyond their control and unfortunately must work with. Access Doors and Panels lists project delays that can happen and are at times out of the hands of a contractor.


Weather can not only delay projects, but it can result in damages to the foundation, equipment, and materials. While the weather is genuinely uncontrollable, most contractors will plow through and work through the weather; however, it is always important to keep in mind that when it comes to safety and getting the project completed – if it is necessary to take time and inform the client of the delay, it should be done. Security on-site is essential and while no one likes a project delay, jeopardizing one is safety and the project to finish on time is not worth it.

For some clients this can be frustrating and can sometimes lead to increased costs; however, clients understand that the weather is beyond a contractor's control and for the most part are very much understanding and would not want anything to delay their project further.

Budget Shortage

Funding allows a project not only to continue but to remain in progress. If a client under-estimates their budget, this can result in project delays. Sometimes it is not even the client underestimating their project but somewhat minimizing the costs of material and potentially the labour. As a contractor working with a client to budget accordingly will prevent any budget shortfalls but more importantly, it can avoid project delays.

While clients sometimes may believe they have budgeted accordingly – it is essential for contractors to step in and provide realistic numbers. An experienced contractor knows the costs of specific materials, but more importantly, they understand how much time is required for a job. A budget shortage can happen but by mitigating it beforehand through preparation and adequately budgeting this can prevent project delays.


While a contractor may be the only person that one assumes to do the work – there is a slew of people on a job site at any given time which is why one of the delays of a project can be a result of staffing. This can be everything from being understaffed to having unqualified individuals. With many individual contracting companies all vying for reliable and knowledgeable staff it can be challenging to ensure you have enough men for the job; however, by factoring the number of people you have to work with reasonable and realistic timeline delays can be avoided.


Contractors know their role, their job and the tasks at hand, which in one way makes them knowledgeable about being able to determine a reasonable timeline for completion. If however, there is a shortage of staffing, the weather is not cooperating, or there are delays in finance and supplies – these factors can contribute to the timeline being pushed back. Sometimes the delays are not as significant, and a contractor can find their way again to ensure a modern finish; however, if these factors are beyond his control and that threshold of recovery is not reached, timelines, unfortunately, are just pushed back.

Contractors, for the most part, would much rather have a delay on their project and provide a quality piece of work than to rush through everything with the potential of missing or not providing the same quality of work that would typically be expected.

While as contractors and businesses we may think we are prepared for the unknown, it is still important to consider that sometimes we can’t predict or know what will happen a day, week or month from the project start date. Contractors, understand that when it comes to ordering equipment – not having an order arrive on time or a backorder can have costly delays, which is why we offer a wide range of options and solutions to help any contractor.

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4th Oct 2018 Access Doors and Panels