Looking to the Future: Condo's Design Trends

Looking to the Future: Condo's Design Trends

Access Doors and Panels on 10th Nov 2021

Looking to the Future: Condo's Design Trends

Going through a pandemic certainly leaves many people with less enthusiasm. Fortunately, it didn't entirely discourage the souls of designers who are still seeking beauty despite all the tragedies in recent years. Today, we shall explore some of the latest condo design trends for the next decade.

Fresh and Warm Colors

Some condos are tiny compared to others, and for these settings, some fresh and warm colors might help. Of course, when it's "fresh and warm," it doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be so vivid that it will hurt the eyes. Try using grayscale color and compare the one you like. The closer the color is to the scale, the better it is for the eyes.

The warm colors will give an illusion of a spacious room, and there are even designs that incorporate whiter shades of gray to help reflect light, which will make the room appear lighter and more inviting. Most top interior design trends base their concepts on this idea as they select the color schemes of a room. It is also one of the top ideas for commercial renovations and will persist in years to come.


Rooms are not just for beauty; they also need to function well. Today, designers favor functionality, and it is often the requirement that both the room and the decor serve a purpose. Many see this leaning towards this direction as a challenge and an opportunity to innovate.

This trend also means that rooms with a specific use or "formal rooms" are no longer fashionable. People want a space that they can use for all sorts of things and function as they intended. A kitchen that functions as an entertainment area or a study room that doubles as a gaming room may become more popular as time passes.

Sustainable Designs

The ever-increasing threat of global warming is pushing a demand like no other. Many designers and even industrial engineers are trying to find the following material that can replace most of the ones contributing to today's massive carbon footprint. Sustainable designs now take center stage as people are becoming aware of the dangers we now face.

Black and White

Black and white color palettes have been fashionable for a long time, as seen by the prevalence of tuxedo kitchens. Designers anticipate it to still be popular in 2021. However, the current tendency in condominiums and small spaces is to use modest quantities of black to highlight features among white and light gray color schemes. It may be black chairs with black pendant lighting or a gray kitchen island in a space with white and gray accents.

Closed Storage

Open storage has become increasingly popular in recent years. It includes items such as shelving where the materials kept on the shelves are both beautiful and practical. The traditional fashion in kitchens was to have glass doors or open frames to exhibit mugs, dishes, and other essential objects.

Closed storage, on the other hand, is making a comeback nowadays. Instead of making your utensils, dishes, and other essential items part of the décor, designers will search for methods to include cabinets and other hidden storage solutions to keep clutter hidden behind closed doors.


For the same reasons that bright colors are growing more fashionable, this trend is likely to become significant in 2021. Minimalism emphasizes the use of fewer, typically simple items to beautify and design interior spaces. People like it because of the pristine, classic look—and also because it eliminates a tight or crowded sensation by default, which is a significant benefit when trying to make tiny spaces appear more prominent and more spacious.

The key to a minimalist design is primarily the aesthetics of a clean and sharp feel. It will ruin the look if there are utility areas out in the open, like plumbing. You can use an aesthetic access door with a hidden flange to tuck these areas out of sight. These doors can blend well with the feel and look of the room, and you can now safely access these vital sites through these doors.

Condos are an essential component of the "big city" lifestyle. Developers are constructing upwards in most cities due to demand and scarcity of available housing units. There is just that feeling of opportunity in big cities, which means apartment-style condos are becoming more popular. There will be more changes soon, and most of it will be here to stay.

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