​Learning More About Weather-Resistant Access Doors

​Learning More About Weather-Resistant Access Doors

Access Doors and Panels on 7th Sep 2022

​Learning More About Weather-Resistant Access Doors

You may not realize it, but an astounding amount of technology supports the perfect environment of your building: ventilation, electrical wires, water and gas lines, and even your internet connection. Considering how complex this system gets, it's only essential to be able to access these systems for maintenance. For this, exterior access doors are your best friend!

How do these differ from regular maintenance access doors? Simple. They're weather-resistant and ready to survive the harsh life of being exposed to the elements.

Weather Resistance

Before diving into the product specifics, we must go over the standard features of these products. JL Industries has made it easy to shop for exterior access panel doors. At the end of the model, numbers are "A" for Aluminum and "S" for Stainless Steel. So, whether you're looking for the cost-effectiveness of Aluminum or the rigidity of stainless steel, you'll indeed have a durable access door that'll suit your needs.

Both models typically feature adhesive-backed EPDM foam and silicone rubber seals on the frame and door. A combination of the gaskets and 2" Thick fiberglass insulation ensures your utilities stay bone-dry even in the harshest weather.


Diving into the Aluminum Access Doors first, you get a .040 aluminum door mounted to a 16-gauge galvanneal steel frame, making it a fantastic anti-corrosive access door from the get-go.

Stainless Steel

The Stainless-Steel model features a 16-gauge stainless steel frame with a 20-gauge steel door. The sturdy build ensures it'll survive frequent access and rough treatment on top of its weather resistance.

General Purpose

We have several models available at Access Doors and Panels. However, if you ask us for advice on what to get for a good all-rounder, it would be the XPA and XPS exterior access panel door. What makes these perfect for many situations is that you could install these on wallboard or masonry walls without too much difficulty.

They also feature a variety of optional features, such as attaching a rain hood, choosing between a variety of latch and lock options, and even choosing the color that it comes in straight from the factory. You can be sure that you get projects done faster as you won't have to worry about priming, painting, and adding security features as we have done the hard work for you.

Plaster and Stucco

The durability of plaster and stucco makes it a no-brainer for many exterior wall applications. You may be looking for an external access panel door to match these walls. Enter the XPEA and XPES.

What makes these two perfect for stucco and plaster? They have a metal lath integrated directly into the frame. Just install it where you need to, wait for the cement to dry, and have an access door that'll match the weather-resistant properties of your wall. Customization options for the latch and lock options remain the same, so security won't be an issue here.

Super Insulation

If isolating your utilities from the outside world is your top priority, we have an exterior insulated access door to match these needs. We introduce the XTA and XTS series.

While these do share the same weather-resistant paint, and durable construction as the previous models, what sets these apart is that they provide an R-value of 13. Moreover, these also feature a dual-layered gasket system, guaranteed to reach your energy efficiency coals.

These access doors are also the only ones to feature a flush compression latch with a lock, ensuring your utilities are secure and match the wall's aesthetic. Lock options come in either black or chrome.


It's essential to control your business down to the most delicate details. Rest assured that this is something you get to have when choosing exterior access doors.

Once you've identified your requirements, choosing an access door fit for you becomes a cakewalk.

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