​Installing Adjustable Magnetic Access Panels to Hide Casino Electrical Wiring

​Installing Adjustable Magnetic Access Panels to Hide Casino Electrical Wiring

Access Doors and Panels on 9th Mar 2022

​Installing Adjustable Magnetic Access Panels to Hide Casino Electrical Wiring

In this modern age, almost everything we do involves electricity. Our daily use of appliances and lighting has steadily increased our energy dependence. Nowadays, it's hard to imagine when we had no lights to illuminate our space or an air conditioner to provide us with cool air in the middle of summer.

While the use of electrical energy is undeniably prevalent all over the globe, one commercial facility seems to depend on the success of its business in lighting entirely — and that is casinos. Electricity is crucial in ensuring the establishment's success by having many lights and even a light show for larger casinos.

Like other commercial facilities, casinos must provide continuous service via air conditioning, ventilation, and illumination. The showcase of light and color in gambling establishments is vital since warm and reward-related sounds encourage the customers to play.

Electricity Use in Casinos

Casinos are very similar to hotels in terms of electrical usage and how a large percentage of their monthly budget is allocated to energy consumption. Generating revenue in gambling facilities entirely relies on its customers and how often they spend money while playing. Since many people spend long hours playing, many casinos have hotels to facilitate stay-in customers.

Operating a casino and a hotel at once means paying astronomical monthly energy costs. For instance, the glittering lights in the Las Vegas strip mean that every operating casino in the state requires an uninterrupted use of energy — not to mention the casino hotels that also operate round the clock.

In addition to operational costs, most of the games in casinos require electricity, such as slot machines. These machines are trendy since the game's mechanics are straightforward. It is ubiquitous for a large casino to have hundreds of functional slot machines.

However, slots do not have energy-saving modes. Since they operate non-stop, the casino's energy usage significantly increases, with the slots responsible for 30% to 35% of the electricity used. Due to the combination of lighting, machines, ventilation, and air conditioning, casino energy costs are at an all-time high. Luckily, gambling businesses have many ways to become more energy efficient.

Conceal Casino Wires with an Access Panel

Due to the constant use of lighting and electricity, casinos require regular maintenance to prevent sudden repairs and shutdowns. For instance, Las Vegas has over 200,000 casinos that operate round the clock, and even a five-minute shutdown can become a huge income loss.

Electricity is an essential component in casinos, and installing adjustable magnetic access panels can reduce repair time by providing safe and convenient access to electrical wires behind walls and ceilings. In addition, most casinos have an overall them to follow, and these hidden drywall access panels can blend seamlessly into their installation surface.

Concealing wires and plumbing pipes not only improve aesthetics but can also reduce safety risks. Here is a comprehensive checklist to include on your following maintenance routine to ensure that all areas in your casino are covered:

  • How to open the access panel
  • How to cover exposed electrical wires
  • How to hide wires in exposed ceiling
  • How to hide electrical wires on wall
  • How to hide wires on the floor
  • Electrical wire molding
  • Hollow molding to hide wires
  • How to cover exposed electrical wires outside
  • How to cover exposed wires without electrical tape
  • Plumbing access panel ideas
  • Easy mag access panel
  • Plumbing access panel Lowe's

An effective magnetic access panel kit also helps buildings to attain LEED certification. The recognition essentially helps businesses gain a competitive edge, attract business and investors, and improve energy performance.

Introducing Efficiency in Casinos

The climate of the Earth has permanently changed in various cycles. However, only in recent decades has the environment been altered primarily due to human activity. Due to the harmful consequences of global warming, many large energy consumers — including casinos — are now finding ways to mitigate their impact on the environment. Many businesses turned to efficient building materials and methods, while some used intelligent systems and appliances to help reduce energy consumption.

The conservation method in casinos is fundamentally similar to other efficient ways, but it is slightly different due to uninterrupted energy consumption. When we think of casinos, we often visualize them as a place of glitz and glamor with colorful light shows and grand fountains.

While casinos may reduce their consumption during the day, they still have several slot machines to keep running continuously. These machines have a variety of bright and colorful lamps, and since they run 24/7, their energy usage is a good target for efficiency gains.

Aside from using LED lights for slot machines, here are other efficient ways to reduce power consumption in casinos:

  • LIGHTING - A large percentage of a casino's monthly energy consumption comes from lighting, accounting for around 30 percent of its total power usage. Gambling facilities rely on effective lighting strategies by setting up a certain ambiance to encourage players to stay longer, without realizing whether it's day or night outside. Retrofitting lighting to primarily use LED lights and occupancy sensors can significantly reduce consumption and lead to lower energy expenses.
  • SOLAR POWER - Since most casino buildings have large roof spaces, they utilize the available space for solar panels. In recent years, solar panels kept getting cheaper as more companies recognized the importance of environmental responsibility. Despite this, many casino houses are still reluctant to invest in solar panels due to certain limitations. Still, a massive solar panel farm near Nevada spans approximately 1,670 acres designed to solve these limitations.
  • ONLINE CASINOS - Due to the overwhelming cost of monthly energy expenses, many casinos are now introducing online casinos. It offers many benefits to the casino owner and to players who would rather play in the comfort of their own homes. With online gambling, businesses will significantly reduce their energy expenses and broaden their customer demographics.
  • EFFICIENT MATERIALS - In addition to the above recommendations, the most prominent casinos in Las Vegas and other gambling hotspots have integrated sustainable construction in retrofitting their facilities. Efficient practices involve green roofs, LED conversions, smart appliances, sensor lighting, and LEED-standard building materials.


Business owners used to think that high energy usage was an inevitable business expense. Thankfully, the need for sustainability has changed this outdated thinking as more casinos turn their eye towards efficiency.

Here in Access Doors and Panels, we value sustainability as much as we value our partners. If you need help in complying with specific building regulations and improving your LEED rating, you can choose from our vast collection of access panels. Call us now at (800) 483-0823 to learn more!

9th Mar 2022 Access Doors and Panels