Adjustable and Magnetic

Adjustable and Magnetic

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It is important to conceal building fixtures in order to eliminate safety hazards and achieve a neat and orderly appearance in building interiors. Access Doors and Panels’ adjustable magnetic access panel can be used to hide electrical wiring or cabling, water inlets, and other key plumbing elements while also allowing easy access to them anytime. Its elegant finish and versatility make it suitable for any room or space.  

Cendrex flexisnap is a magnetic access door panel for drywall that allows for quick access to items that you want hidden such as plumbing or electrical wires. We offer a wide variety of standard sizes 10.5” x 12”, 14” x 15.5”, and 6.5” x 8”. It only takes two minutes to install on walls or ceilings with a minimal amount of tools! Its powerful magnets hold the sturdy metal panel in place and the adjustable frame adapts to different openings in an instant. 

Our FLE access series consists of 20 gauge cold rolled steel, 24-gauge galvanized steel frame with notched knock-over tabs, polymer corners, 2 security cables, 4 magnets, and high-quality white powder coat primer. Whether new construction or a major renovation, the flexisnap is a sustainable option for your commercial building projects. 

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