How to Understand Your Roof Repair Estimate

How to Understand Your Roof Repair Estimate

Access Doors and Panels on 15th Dec 2021

How to Understand Your Roof Repair Estimate

One of the biggest concerns for most property owners is the price of roofer estimates for repairs and replacements. Unlike any other maintenance works, roof works take more financial resources and time. In most cases, roofing services come with a price and quality. Learning more about roofing estimates and weighing the pros and cons can help you pick the most cost-effective option for your roofing projects.

Here is how to understand your roofing estimate example:


Roofing companies will measure your roof into consideration. Those that cover a much larger area will require more shingles to complete the roofing project. Size by square footage is one of the major factors that most roofing contractor companies use to determine the price estimates. The available materials for these are sold by square size measurements and not by square feet. The roofing contractors will mainly divide the total measure area or the roofing area by 100 before coming up with an accurate price quotation.


Roofing systems, especially the asphalt shingles roof repair, can be nailed on the top of an existing layer. If your roofing system has two or more layers in place, roofing contractors will spend more time removing those old shingles before installing the new replacement ones. In this scenario, one of the main factors that drive the cost is labor. Roofing contractors will estimate how long their crew will take to tear off the existing layers and provide a quotation price based on that.

Additional Components

Your roofing system is more than just its shingles; unless you want to deal prematurely with fire and water restoration problems, you are going to have some waterproof and proactive coating underlayment in place. Additionally, the roof flashing strips also need to protect the valleys and joints against leakage. All of these necessary components have their corresponding price cost in terms of labor and materials.

How is labor factored into your roof estimate?

Every line item in your roof estimate checklist includes labor in their itemized estimate. For instance, most of the shingles' price on estimates includes cost materials and labor for installation.

In most estimation cases, every roofing contractor's labor cost differs, but the materials will cost the same, given the roofing area.

Protection While Doing the Task

One of the main jobs of roofing contractors is to protect your property while doing the roofing task in your commercial building. Most roofing contractors' estimates will include a line item of what they will use and how much it will cost to protect your property, like tarps, which can affect the overall price. For example, the roofing contractor will include how much it costs to cover everything in your foliage, attic, and landscaping you have had around your property.

Roof Slope

Your existing roof slope will affect the roof replacement estimation. In general, a steeper roof is more expensive, usually due to safety reasons while repairing. For example, a steep roof might require some other special equipment.

Waste Factor

Roofing contractor estimation typically adds between 10-15 percent of total roof square to account for waste factor. However, this waste factor calculation will vary based on the materials or roofing system style. This roofing waste accounts for overlapped materials in ships, valleys, cut-off materials around the flashing, gable ends, and penetrations.

However, the roofing estimate calculator will allow you to determine the area of the shed or gable and accurately determine its cost. All you have to do is get the roof pitch of your house, and this roofing estimate app calculator will start its computation.

Roofing Materials

The type of roofing materials or shingles you choose may depend on your location and local building codes. These factors will also impact the price of getting a new roof replacement. For instance, the traditional three-tab shingles will not cost the same as the architectural shingles that also meet the requirement of the building code.

In addition to shingles materials, you may also need to replace:

  • Underlayment
  • Decking
  • Vents
  • Flashing, around skylights chimney, or roof to wall transitions

Roofing products within these categories vary in cost because of their differences in performance, materials, look, design, warranties, and factors. For instance, a synthetic underlayment roll usually is more than a felt roll because of its higher quality.

Roofers require a lot of equipment and tools to get the job done, such as trucks, ladders, tables/benches, and dumpsters. However, it helps when you prepare questions to ask when getting a roof estimate, like "will the roofer contractor cater to any damage they might accidentally cause to your property? Will they protect your gutters with stabilizers?" These are essential questions to ask before picking a roofer contractor. You will be grateful to know in advance that the roofer contractor will take proper care of your property before signing any contract.

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