How Does Adding a Crawlspace Door Increase Storage Space Access?

How Does Adding a Crawlspace Door Increase Storage Space Access?

Posted by Access Doors and Panels, on 11th Jan 2023

How Does Adding a Crawlspace Door Increase Storage Space Access?

The creative construction industry nowadays provides its clients with various ways to maximize the space in their establishments. One of the most prominent ways to fully use every area in your building is to have a crawl space. As its name suggests, a crawl space is a narrow spot in your structure, usually not tall enough for you to stand in, but you can utilize it as additional storage.

Following the Federal Housing Administration's standard, the minimum height of this cramped area is about 18 inches and can go high up to 3 feet. Most of the time, it has a crawl space door installed to ensure security and easy access. Read on to discover its advantages and the wide range of types you can choose. On top of that, you can refer to our crawl space door guide for installation to secure precise application.

Five significant benefits of having crawl space doors

1. Allows quick and easy access

From time to time, your crawl space will need cleaning and maintenance work to keep the area's overall quality. Crawl space access doors can grant the instant and convenient access you need, enabling the cleaning and maintenance specialists to do their work seamlessly without unnecessary delays.

2. Helps reduce humidity

The crawl space doors give you proper sealing of the entry point, reducing the chances of experiencing high humidity inside your building due to uncontrolled airflow. Furthermore, if you accompany your panel with a weather-stripping solution, you can avoid water leakages from rainfall or storm ever entering your vicinity.

3. Prevent fungal and pest issues development

Fungal issues like mold, mildew, wood rot, and other pest infestations usually result from incorrectly securing your crawl space's entryways. These detrimental concerns can directly affect the occupants' health and the lasting value of your commercial building. Therefore, crawl space access panels are your powerful weapons in combatting these imminent issues.

4. Makes your building energy-efficient

Crawl space panels are a cost-efficient expense for your establishment as it turns your building into an energy-saving structure. Proper entry point sealing ensures low humidity and contains moisture build-up, enabling your HVAC system to work swiftly, which causes your energy bill to go down. On top of that, it also aids in cutting down the rate of your HVAC's wear and tear, slightly prolonging its lifespan.

5. Maintain an excellent interior climate

Whether it's raining too hard or the sunbeams are too hot outside, the temperature inside your establishment remains unaffected, thanks to the crawl space access doors. This simple utility delivers massive benefits within your vicinity, creating a stable temperature environment that will help the tenants and employees continue their tasks comfortably, no matter how harsh the weather is.

Crawl space panels are available in a wide variety of types that you select and purchase depending on what's best fitting for your storage crawl space, and here are two of them:

  • Interior crawl space access door: Most access panels designed of all-purpose materials are compatible with installation inside your establishment. The commonly used elements embellishing the interior access doors are aluminum-coated, plastic, and drywall. It would be best to equip it with a fire-rated knee wall access door and empower your crawl space to withstand a fire for some time.
  • Exterior crawl space access door: Unlike the interior door, wherein you can choose any all-purpose materials for installation, exterior crawl space access doors demand you be picky in selecting the door components to apply as it needs to stand firm against the varying weather, like rain, snow, and sunlight. Picking suitable material, such as an insulated exterior crawl space door, can cause you to spend less, as it can guarantee sturdiness in the long run.

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