Find Out the 5 Important Differences Between Access Doors and Access Panels

Find Out the 5 Important Differences Between Access Doors and Access Panels

Access Doors and Panels​ on 10th May 2023

Find Out the 5 Important Differences Between Access Doors and Access Panels

Home and building owners often use access doors and panels interchangeably as they have the same purpose—safeguarding facility areas and providing convenient access points. However, most users have yet to learn the difference between those two pieces of establishment equipment.

Both access doors and panels possess distinct features that make them uniquely different. In this blog article, you'll discover their exceptional characteristics that help quickly distinguish whether a particular product model is an access door or an access panel.

Here are five key differences between the property components that are worth noting:

  • Size: Access doors are typically larger than access panels, presenting a non-removable hinged door that swings open to 110-120 degrees, allowing people to pass through them. Meanwhile, access panels are usually smaller and have no hinge doors, as their purpose revolves around providing access to smaller spaces.
  • Location: Access doors are frequently located in walls, floors, or ceilings, while you can access panels often placed in walls or ceilings.
  • Usage: Contractors or other construction professionals mostly use access doors in high-traffic areas, such as commercial buildings or public spaces, where people must move in and out quickly. Access panels, on the other hand, are suited to low traffic areas like closets and laundry room.
  • Security: Access doors are designed with safety in mind and often come with a variety of locking options for added security and to discourage tampering and unauthorized access. Access panels, on the other hand, are typically not designed with protection in mind and may not have locking mechanisms. Nonetheless, it can boost your property's sturdiness by granting rust and corrosion-proof features.
  • Materials: When it comes to materials, access doors are often made from heavier materials, usually metal, whereas access panels primarily consist of lightweight plastic or gypsum board. Access doors must withstand heavier use, while access panels are in areas where weight is a concern.

Below are some common access door and access panel types to emphasize more of the access doors and access panels' distinctness.

Five general access door types:

  • Metal access doors with a keyed lock are commonly used in commercial buildings to provide access to electrical or plumbing systems.
  • Fire-rated access doors provide access to fire-rated walls or ceilings.
  • Access doors with sound insulation are often in recording studios or soundproof rooms.
  • Drywall access doors blend in with the surrounding wall, which many utilize in homes to provide access to HVAC systems or electrical panels.
  • Concealed hinged access doors are aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, and secure building components for wall and ceiling installation. It's easy to install and can provide access while maintaining the style and appearance of your building.

Five common kinds of access panels:

  • Made with removable high-impact ABS plastic access panels with UV stabilizers, Removable plastic access panels are used to access plumbing, electrical components, computer cables, and sprinkler systems. Moreover, it features a reversible frame allowing flush or surface mounting.
  • Gypsum board access panels with a cam lock are commonly used in commercial buildings to provide access to HVAC systems or electrical panels.
  • Access panels with a magnetic closure are mostly used in drywall ceilings to provide access to air ducts or other utilities.
  • Removable floor access panels with a flush finish are often used in commercial buildings to provide access to underfloor utilities.
  • Acoustic access panels with a perforated surface are generally used in auditoriums or concert halls to provide access to sound equipment while minimizing sound transmission.

Knowing the differences between access doors and panels will help you quickly pick the right equipment for your property. Hence, you must note every piece of information shared here, so you can wisely purchase the most-fitting door or panel component to protect your facilities.

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