Building Talk - A Look at Building Services

Building Talk - A Look at Building Services

Access Doors and Panels on 1st May 2019

Building Talk - A Look at Building Services

Any builder or contractor knows the importance of ensuring that parts of the building are managed accordingly so that they function correctly. This is known as building services. At Access Doors and Panels, we understand the importance of having the right equipment to ensure a functioning, efficient and safe project. As a supplier of access panels and doors, our products help secure the building services such as HVAC systems function correctly.

What are some other building services that result in the proper operation and function of a building?

We share different services of a building and their importance.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Having an HVAC system is essential to any building, regardless if it is commercial or residential. An HVAC system is maintained by someone who is qualified but more importantly understands the function of such a complex machine. What does an HVAC system do in a building? It supports the internal air quality, regulates the internal temperatures as well as the interior humidity.

These are components that make a building functional but also one that is comfortable for use. Imagine being in a building where there is no proper air flow or circulation? This lack of airflow would be a result of either a non-functioning HVAC or a building without a system. Concerned about aesthetics? Noise? Best Access Doors is an access door supplier that has an array of HVAC access panels that are both soundproof and insulated. This means that an HVAC system can be well hidden and out of the way but also have minimal impact on the daily operations of a building.

Panel recommendation? Drywall Inlay - Hidden Air Handler Access Door

Building Control Systems

The building control system, also known as the Building Management System (BMS) is the hub or heart of a building. Here everything from manual switches for lights, lifts and alarms are located. The BMS is also where a buildings power source is located. If there is a shortage or an outage, any of those systems would be found in a building’s control system. The building control system is an essential part of building service.

What happens in the building’s control system is complicated and intricate. In a way, the buildings system requires access regularly if not sporadically when issues occur. To allow for such access, the use of an access door means the room can be concealed and secured – while still having an aesthetic appeal that clients and contractors can be happy with. Though a BMS is often associated with commercial buildings, thanks to the advancement of technology, the BMS can be controlled remotely but more importantly they don’t have to occupy as much space as they traditionally normally would.

Panel Recommendation? 24" x 36" Large Walk Through Access Door

Fire Safety – Detection and Protection

Depending on the size and function of a building, the fire safety aspect can be as basic and small as having smoke detectors to panels and doors that are fire-resistant. When it comes to building services, there is great importance in ensuring that all building codes are met and are consistently upheld. This means everything from inspecting fire extinguishers, ensuring there are no damages or faulty wirings – substantially, anything that could potentially cause a fire is mitigated.

With commercial buildings – some businesses need to ensure their investments don’t get damaged, destroyed or ruined by a lack of preparation. It is for this reason that in a building there is someone who is tasked to ensure the safety and prevention of fires. HVAC units and wires are some of the biggest causes of fires. From excess heat, bad installs or old equipment. Did you know that when you have these units and systems in a secure and dedicated room, there is a less chance of the fire causing more damage? At Best Access Doors, we offer specially designed access panels meant for high heat exposure, as well as being able to be fire resistant. While not completely fireproof, the fact a panel is fire resistant can make a big difference. From containing it to one room or section to preventing any further costly damages. Access panels that are fire resistant add an extra level of security and protection with this aspect of building services.

Panel recommendation? 14" x 14" - High Security Fire Rated Insulated Access Door with Flange


From business documents to the general protection of products and items, security is essential. From labs to schools to hospitals, safety can come in many different forms – but did you know it can also come in the form of an access panel? Access panels and doors made from titanium steel offer a level of security, unlike most forms. They are designed to be impenetrable, as well as having a double latch for that added security.

In a building, security, especially with regards to commercial properties is important. While an alarm system and locks are great – sometimes, it just isn’t enough. Why? If a fire or if there was a water leak or damage, is the room secure? Chances are not entirely – as unless that door or wall is designed with a material that is fire resistant or a hatch, there is an excellent chance of the fire or damages being spread throughout. If, however, one strategically installs and places an access panel or door, security is significantly enhanced.

Panel Recommendation? 12 x 12 High Security Fire Rated Insulated Access Door with Flange

Like with most projects in construction, it’s essential to ensure that all the necessary pieces and parts are functioning, properly installed and meet all building codes. These are standards that not only are essential but what allows for quality workmanship and Best Access Doors understands that. Our panels and doors are designed with the quality in mind.

Build Smart – Build with Best Access Doors and Panels

We offer a wide array of access doors and panels. From commercial to residential projects, our inventory is vast. From insulated to fire resistant and plaster to drywall – we are sure to carry an access door or panel for your next project. Looking to speak to a representative or need more advice? Visit us online at Want to learn more about the industry or for helpful building tips, check us out at

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