​Branded For Success: Notable Industry Brands

​Branded For Success: Notable Industry Brands

Access Doors and Panels on 5th Sep 2018

​Branded For Success: Notable Industry Brands

When it comes to any building project, a successful and knowledgeable contractor knows and recognizes quality. At Access Doors and Panels we understand and strive to promote and provide quality brands and products. When clients and contractors shop with us, they can rest assured they are purchasing quality-trusted products. Just as our panels are quality make and style, we know that contractors in the industry look to ensure they have quality and reliable brands that won’t disappoint. We list 5 brands that any contractor knows can get any job done but more importantly know is well worth the dollar spent.

In the construction and labour industry, one’s workmanship is only as good as the tools and materials used.


DeWalt is a popular and well-known American brand. Known for manufacturing both power and hand tools that are used in construction and woodworking sites – many contractors know a purchase of a DeWalt product is a purchase of a quality all-American brand. The price of many DeWalt products often ranges from mid to high end.


Makita is a Japanese manufacturer and operates everywhere from Brazil to Canada and the United Kingdom to name a few. The Makita brand gained recognition in the late 60’s when they were the first to release a rechargeable power tool – since then the power tool market has strived to find ways to be as cutting edge as Makita power tools.


This American brand, Ridgid manufactures tools that range from plumbing to construction and HVAC units. When contractors and consumers think of Ridgid, this brand is often associated with the subtle red handled pipe wrench. Much of the products that Ridgid manufacture are hand tools.


Lenox is another American brand that contractors know and trust. They have been manufacturing tools both power and not since the early 1900’s. They create quality products that not only are meant to last but to make any job easier. Whether it's sanding, drilling or cutting – Lenox believe in efficiency. They recently joined the Stanley Black and Decker brand - while still promoting products within their own name. They are known for selling industrial saw blades.


Bosch is originally from Germany and are manufacturers of everything from power tools to automotive parts and appliances as well as electronics. They have been manufacturing goods since the late 1880’s making them a highly reputable and recognized brand. While a German brand, much of their tools and products are manufactured in the US. The brand is one that promotes innovation and quality.

Recognize quality through a name

Whether it’s a power tool or a hand tool you are looking for – a tool is a necessity when it comes to a contractor’s job. Reliability and functionality are essential – from making sure that the tool can get the job done to actually performing to basic standards, Access Doors and Panels understands quality and reliability.

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5th Sep 2018 Access Doors and Panels