A Comprehensive Guide to Top Commercial Door Lock Brands

A Comprehensive Guide to Top Commercial Door Lock Brands

Access Doors and Panels on 18th Oct 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Top Commercial Door Lock Brands

There can be no compromise regarding commercial building security, protection, and safety. Along with high-security access doors fortified with detention-grade materials engineered to accommodate various deadlocks, the top commercial door lock brands provide innovative locking solutions tailored for secure commercial building applications. 

Access Doors and Panels presents this comprehensive guide to the top commercial door lock brands recognized in the industry. Discover their strengths, limitations, installation details, and prime purchasing sources. Designed with the convenience of busy commercial builders and locksmiths in mind, continue reading for insights that resonate.

8 Impressive Commercial Lock Brands to Consider

When thinking about locks, a brand like Weiser may come to mind. Weiser offers commercial locks but is more well-known in the residential lock market. 

Their commercial-grade electronic locks provide security and durability for businesses, offices, and other commercial applications -- while Weiser does offer commercial locks, their primary focus has historically been on residential locks. For specialized commercial locks, the following brands are more established in the commercial lock market.

1: Vizilok for Privacy and Accessibility

Vizilok is a reliable option for enhancing privacy and accessibility in commercial settings. Their offerings include commercial-grade locks that prioritize confidentiality and an affordable selection, making them suitable for various business environments.

However, some occasional indicator issues and unclear installation instructions might be encountered. However, Vizilok ensures a straightforward installation process with instructional videos. It also offers a 12-month factory protection warranty and a VIZILOK care protection plan.

For your convenience, Vizilok privacy indicator locks are readily available for purchase on their website and Amazon.

2: Kwikset for Durability

Kwikset's well-known reputation in the lock domain makes it a trustworthy choice for businesses seeking durability. Their superior quality light commercial security solutions cater to various needs and are suitable for retail and workplace environments. Be sure to choose commercial locks, as Kwikset's residential models are not intended for heavy-duty use. Regarding ease of installation, Kwikset simplifies the installation process with detailed instructions and templates to guide you. 

You can purchase Kwikset locks through home improvement stores, online platforms, and major retailers.

3: Schlage for Versatility and Security

Schlage, a trusted name, offers versatile solutions that balance versatility and security. With wear-resistant construction and a range of commercial-grade locks, Schlage is known for quality and high-performance commercial locks.

However, varying vulnerabilities among lock designs and the need for upgraded hardware in some models are factors to consider. Nonetheless, Schlage ensures a convenient installation experience with a vast collection of manuals and templates to help. You can find Schlage locks in home improvement stores, online platforms, and Amazon.

4: MARKSUSA Locks for Uncompromising Protection

MARKSUSA stands as a provider of unwavering protection against forced entries. Their locks feature thumb turn operation, ideal for businesses. Moreover, their mortise lock systems add an extra layer of safety.

Nonetheless, manual locking is required for MARKS deadbolt locks, and the thumb turn mechanism might not be universally preferred.

Installation for MARKS' mortise locks is specific and requires attention to detail. You can purchase Marks locks conveniently through online retailers, including Amazon.

5: TownSteel Locks for Functionality and Elegance

TownSteel's locks are designed with functional elegance, catering to commercial use. These locks boast hassle-free installation and maintenance, accommodating various needs across different door frames.

Yet, cylindrical locks might exhibit durability concerns, and vulnerability potential exists with bored locksets. Despite this, TownSteel locks prioritize efficiency and simplicity in installation.

You can secure TownSteel locks through their official website, Amazon, and other online retail outlets.

6: ASSA ABLOY Locks for Innovative Security 

ASSA ABLOY is renowned for its innovative security solutions, offering a diverse range of commercial-grade locks. These locks are known for high-security features that provide resistance against various types of attacks. They are especially suitable for industries with high-security needs like healthcare and government. It's worth noting that some advanced features may require specialized training for proper usage. The installation of ASSA ABLOY locks varies widely due to their advanced features, often requiring professional installation and training.

ASAA ABLOY is headquartered in Sweden with distributors across the globe. You can find a distributor through their website.

7: SARGENT Locks for Advanced Access Control

SARGENT is affiliated with ASSA ABLOY and specializes in advanced access control solutions, offering a range of electromechanical locks and integrated systems. Their locks are known for robustness and durability, ideal for demanding commercial environments. SARGENT's resolutions can be seamlessly integrated with existing security systems. Remember that advanced access control solutions might require technical expertise for proper setup. SARGENT commercial locks and systems are available through authorized distributors. 

8. Corbin Russwin Locks for Quality and Reliability

Corbin Russwin, also part of ASSA ABLOY, is synonymous with quality and reliability, offering a wide array of commercial-grade locks. These locks are known for durability and long-lasting performance in high-traffic environments. Corbin Russwin provides a range of finish options to match various architectural styles. Some advanced locking solutions might require additional setup and programming. You buy Corbin Russwin locks from various distributors throughout North America.

Commercial Locks and Latches for Access Products

In the realm of commercial construction, ensuring security extends beyond traditional entrances. Access doors, roof hatches, floor panels, and skylights are integral to many establishments, each demanding specialized locking solutions. Access Doors and Panels offers various commercial locks and latches for access doors and related products.

Types of Locks for Access Doors

Access doors are gateways to utility spaces, electrical systems, and crawl spaces. Ensuring their security is paramount, especially in commercial settings.

  • Touch Latches: For areas requiring frequent and convenient access, touch latches provide a hands-free solution. A simple push or touch releases the latch mechanism, making it popular for utility closets and maintenance areas.
  • Standard Cylinder Locks: Standard round cylinder locks with a key are a simple locking mechanism used throughout commercial buildings and on access doors where security is required. 
  • Cam Locks: These locks are ideal for access doors, offering quick and easy access while maintaining security. Cam locks are user-friendly and can be operated with a key or combination.
  • Detention Locks: In high-security settings like prisons, psychiatric facilities, and banks, detention-grade locks can be added to access doors for areas requiring advanced security.

Lock Options for Roof Hatches

Roof hatches provide rooftop access, facilitating maintenance, repairs, and equipment installations. Security measures for these elevated entry points are vital.

  • Latch Locks: Latch locks ensure a secure closure for roof hatches. These locks resist tampering and unauthorized entry, offering peace of mind when accessing rooftops.
  • Padlocks and Hasps: Adding an extra layer of security, padlocks and hasps deter unauthorized access. These versatile options can be easily integrated with latch locks for enhanced protection.
  • High-Security Locks: Facilities that require high security, such as correctional facilities, banks, and prisons can upgrade to BRINKS detention locks, Southern Steel prep detention locks, and mortise lock preparations.

Locks for Floor Hatches

Floor hatches offer concealed access to underground utilities, subfloors, and storage spaces. Maintaining their security is essential to prevent accidents and unauthorized entry.

  • Removable Bolts: Removable bolts provide a secure closure for floor panels while allowing easy removal for authorized access. These bolts are designed to resist tampering and ensure safety.
  • Recessed Handles: Recessed handles offer a sleek and streamlined solution for floor panels. They provide a discreet way to lift and access panels without compromising security.
  • Slam Locks: Many floor hatches feature a steel slam lock with a fixed interior handle and removable exterior turn/lift handle with the latch release protected by a flush, gasketed, removable screw plug.

Locks Designed for Skylights and Balcony Windows

Skylights and balcony windows introduce natural light and ventilation to interiors. Ensuring their security prevents unauthorized entry and damage.

  • Latch Locks: Latch locks secure skylights, preventing tampering and maintaining a tight closure. These locks are essential to ensure skylights remain safe from external and internal access.
  • Locking Handles: Balcony windows provide security with two-point locking mechanisms in the handle.

Protect Your Commercial Buildings with Locks from Trusted Brands

Access Doors and Panels is committed to providing information about commercial locks and tailored solutions to meet specific needs. The right locks and latches contribute to a secure and well-protected retail environment, from access doors to roof hatches and floor panels to skylights.

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