If you think that having a flat roof means not being able to enjoy the benefits of a skylight, then you haven't heard of a walkable skylight yet. Our walkable skylight introduces a new approach to flat roof design by creating an entirely walkable glass surface. Its innovative design can efficiently remodel your commercial space!

Optimum Performance and Design

Our brand-new walkable unit is quality personified. By reinforcing the architectural glass with a special non-slip coating, you and your guests can freely walk across the skylight without worrying about safety. The glass can also support 1100 pounds /sq. ft. load capacity. Talk about durability!

Despite its sophisticated design, the unit is surprisingly easy to install, with additional profiles clamping the covering under the frame to ensure a smooth finish. Are you worried about reorganizing your overall design after installation? With our walkable skylight, you don't have to worry about aesthetics, as the unit has a unique flush design incorporated into the roofing material.

Check out the walkable skylight's other characteristics!

  • Its frame comes from multiple chamber PVC profiles
  • Superior thermal insulation
  • Enhanced moisture resistance
  • Energy-efficient with its glazing units
  • Increased resiliency to break-in attempts

With its reinforced design, anti-slip coating, and external laminated glass, our walkable skylight design recently won the prestigious ICONIC AWARDS 2018: Innovative Architecture due to its innovation and world-class quality. We have so many things to say about this product, but we prefer if you experience it yourself!

Experience Quality

Like our walkable skylight, Access Doors and Panels also maintain high standards for our products and services. To ensure perfection in your every purchase, we offer nothing but the best from trusted brands, including Acudor, Bilco, and Fakro.

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