Flat Roof

Flat Roof

The benefits of natural illumination in your commercial property are unquestionably significant. But what if you have a flat roof? Its flat surface makes it impossible to install a standard vertical skylight that serves as a source of free natural lighting. If your building has a flat roof, you’re lucky because we always come up with products to address your needs here in Access Doors and Panels.

Enhance your building’s efficiency with our award-winning flat roof skylights! Our flat roof collection offers superior thermal performance and exquisite design. It effectively illuminates the interior with health-boosting natural light as it improves ventilation throughout your building. It is truly an effective way to improve lighting in your commercial space!

Check Out Its Features!

The flat roof skylight is an efficient addition to your commercial space due to its high R-value and external glass lamination. It offers sound insulation to help improve your employees’ focus and concentration during work. The product is highly functional and sleek with its innovative glazing unit design.

Did we also mention that our flat roof skylight is a past winner of the prestigious Reddot Design Awards? Thanks to its minimalist design and superior features, it is becoming the leading choice for flat roofs nationwide!

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