Installing skylights in your commercial building during construction or as part of major renovations brings many benefits. These roof windows allow you to optimize daylight, improve energy efficiency, add ambiance and visual interest, and create a comfortable, welcoming space that can enhance the health and wellness of your building occupants.

Many commercial buildings feature skylights – if you pay attention, you will see them in all types of structures, including:

  • Airports and hangars
  • Classrooms and libraries
  • Sports stadiums
  • Corporate buildings and office conference rooms
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Shopping malls and restaurants
  • Hotel lobbies and condominiums

Skylights can also increase ventilation, improve indoor air quality, and add privacy. Maximizing these benefits depends on your building's position to the sun, its height, and the roof's slope. These factors will determine your skylights' right size, shape, and placement.

Early communication between your building architect and the installer is essential to ensure the skylight's performance. Having your skylight installed correctly will ensure you gain the benefits of consistent solar exposure and reduce your reliance on electrical lighting.

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