Where is a Plastic Access Panel Most Suitable?

Where is a Plastic Access Panel Most Suitable?

Access Doors and Panels on 25th May 2023

Where is a Plastic Access Panel Most Suitable?

Every commercial construction project requires affordable but durable materials to ensure that the finished structure is long-lasting. You can rely on plastic access panels if you're looking for an inexpensive and convenient product.

Plastic access panels offer various advantageous features to your commercial property. To learn more, let's examine its benefits and applications and our highly recommended plastic access panel.

Plastic Access Panel Quick Overview

Construction professionals and property managers prefer to use plastic access panels as an entry point for installers and service teams. Constructed with top-quality materials, and a well-thought design, these panels balanced the price, functionality, and aesthetics most property owners and facility managers are looking into.

Like the standard access doors, the plastic access panel has vital components such as a rigid frame form that provides structural support, a movable panel that serves as an entry point for authorized personnel to reach the parts, a locking mechanism that prevents an unauthorized entry to the building, and lastly, and integrated insulation materials for an improve the indoor temperature.

A lightweight and high-quality plastic access door such as the RPL removable plastic access panel is a versatile solution for commercial and industrial applications. It features High impact ABS plastic with UV stabilizers which protects from long-term deterioration from UV light. Take a look at its basic specifications:

  • MATERIAL: High-impact ABS plastic with UV stabilizers
  • LOCK / LATCH: Snap friction catch
  • FINISH: White textured finish
  • PACKAGING: Individually wrapped, 1 per box
  • INSTALLATION: Adhesive caulking recommended

You can also view its complete specifications list for your reference.

Besides being affordable, the RPL access panel is suitable for access to plumbing, electrical, and sprinkler systems. It also offers flush installation and can help your project achieve LEED Certification -- making it sustainable!

Plastic Access Panels: Benefits

Buildings and other service facilities need access panels to conveniently access pipes, wires, HVAC, hard-to-reach areas, ceilings, and walls. Here's a complete list of features you can use when you install removable plastic access panels.

Easy maintenance: The dirt and grime-resistant feature and the plastic access panel's nature and characteristics make cleaning easy, saving you more money on maintenance costs.

Easy access: It provides easy access to hard-to-reach areas or behind-the-wall areas to check, diagnose, and repair the building's internal units and systems to reduce downtime and allow the facility to operate its business as usual.

Energy-efficiency: Most access doors, such as the removable plastic access panels, have insulation to help control the heat loss or heat gain through the walls and ceilings' cracks and openings, directly affecting the building's interior temperature. Your HVAC system will not work hard to keep the building's ideal room temperature allowing you to save money from monthly energy costs.

Aesthetics: You must consider the access panel's aesthetics before purchasing it. Remember that these access panels are evident to people as most construction professionals install them in apparent areas.

Lightweight: The plastic's weight is also the access panel's selling point. It makes the board easier to handle and install during service days. Its lightweight materials reduce the stress and pressure on the installation surface, helping the ceilings and walls extend their lifespan.

Thermal Properties: Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene has excellent thermal properties. It can withstand high temperatures at a specific limit without melting, making it ideal for commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings prone to high heat.

Why Choose Plastic Access Panels?

The lightweight plastic access panels use high-quality ABS plastic materials, which can efficiently protect the building components from heat and accidental impact. It also has an excellent latch and lock mechanism with a snap friction catch that helps secure the cover and prevent it from accidental fall.

For enhanced accessibility, you may consider purchasing the Removable Plastic Access Panel – Cendrex (RPL). It's easy to remove panels and provides service teams with a more convenient way to access behind walls and ceiling components.

The plastic access panels can protect the crucial components without compromising the environment's visual appeal.

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