The Benefits of Duct Access Doors

The Benefits of Duct Access Doors

Access Doors and Panels on 12th Jun 2019

The Benefits of Duct Access Doors

What is one thing that businesses always consider? Safety. For many, it is important to ensure that their building and property is safe for any potential hazards – but did you know that there may be one hazard that’s not been considered? Dust, mould and moisture buildup can result in a building becoming a danger to its occupants but also to the overall structure. Access Doors and Panels shares the benefits industrial and commercial buildings can benefit from when it comes to duct access doors.

Danger and Ductwork

While having proper safety procedures in place can help mitigate potential hazards, some are less hard to protect against, but more importantly, they are hard to notice. A building which has ductwork that isn’t maintained can result in bacteria and mould buildup. What’s the hazard? Both can jeopardize the air quality, and too much exposure can lead to sickness, but it also could potentially result in something far worst, a fire. When dust builds up, eventually it prevents any proper flow, and when there is a blockage and if there is heat exposure, this could result in a fire being triggered.

Ventilation or ductwork maintenance is sometimes taken for granted. It is important, however, that the ventilation and air systems are regularly cleaned and maintained. Not doing so can result in hazards and dangers. When conditions are ideal, mold and bacteria can happen, and it can be both harmful and costly to remove or fix.

Increasing Safety with Duct Panels

When duct access panels are used correctly, they can be very beneficial; however, when they aren’t, it can be a dangerous hazard. Duct panels can be found in a building’s walls and ceiling. They sometimes move with the room and structure;, therefore, they can have bends to them. When a duct panel bends or has curves, this can make it hard to reach; however, this isn’t to say it isn’t possible. Thankfully, duct access panels can create access to these places.

Choosing the Right Duct

It is vital that when a client is ready to install duct access panels, it is important that the contractor can incorporate it into the existing ventilation system. Doing this will save the client money and won’t be as time-consuming; however, in the circumstance where a duct system isn’t easy to work with, then starting from scratch may be the only option. Picking ductwork not only incorporates seeing the existing system in place but ensuring similar if not the same materials are used as well.

Staying Safe with Proper Duct Work

Sometimes having ductwork installed and duct access panels aren’t always feasible; however, when they are, it is essential to know that they must be routinely maintained. Without regular upkeep, some dangers could impact one’s health but also the business. From fires from dusty vents to mold buildup and moisture exposure – the only way to benefit from ductwork is through maintenance. It is recommended that just as ductwork should be installed by a professional, the maintenance of ductwork should also be done by a professional. Why? An expert can ensure that there are no issues with the duct work and the vents – they can make any further recommendations after they perform their routine maintenance and inspection.

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12th Jun 2019 Access Doors and Panels