Signs That You Are Ready To Re-Do Your Hardwood Floor

Signs That You Are Ready To Re-Do Your Hardwood Floor

Access Doors and Panels on 22nd Sep 2021

Signs That You Are Ready To Re-Do Your Hardwood Floor

Sometimes, even the good things must come to an end. That statement is genuine in many instances, as everything must give way to aging. Unfortunately, it also means that the hardwood floors you love so much will eventually get replaced. Now, what signs do you need to look for, especially when it involves hardwood floor refinishing?

#1. Water Damage

Wood floors will lose their water-resistant attribute in the long run as they get damaged over time. Water damage is evident by stained floorboards. Cleaning old wood floors without refinishing can only get you so far. While you can avoid most water stains by quickly wiping up spills, unattended plumbing leaks or air conditioner drips will damage hardwood in the long run. Refinishing hardwood floors is essential after these stains appear to protect the clean wood beneath them.

#2. Too Much Wear and Tear

The endurance of your lovely hardwood floor is one of its most enticing features. It could stand the test of time since they are from actual wood. They will, however, ultimately reveal their age, much like any natural materials, especially in high-traffic areas like the entryway or living room.

When are hardwood floors beyond repair, you say? Watch out for the staining because it will display the earliest symptoms of damage. If the color begins to fade or wears away entirely, refinishing your flooring will solve the problem. However, worn-out staining can lead to more severe issues like splintered or warped wood, which both require replacement.

#3. Creaking or Moving Floorboards

If strolling through your living space becomes eerily similar to walking through a haunted house, you should inspect your hardwood floors. The sound of creaking floorboards usually indicates that the timber is rubbing against itself or the flooring. It could simply be a sign of advanced age, but it could also mean compromised structural integrity.

Moving floorboards can also signal floorboards that flex or shift when you walk across them and indicate extensive water damage or foundation problems. Keep your eyes peeled for more slight movements. Hardwood flooring that dips or swells will often mean more serious structural issues.

If you decide to have a replacement project, do not forget to research the five ways to decorate your floor since this knowledge will guide you on how to revive wood floors that seem dead and breathe new and vibrant life into the room or space. It may extend some lifespan for your damaged wood floors if done correctly.

#4. Discoloration

For many reasons, the color of your hardwood floors may vary. Long-term exposure to the sun, for example, can cause colors to fade. Restaining or refinishing your flooring will help to restore its faded appearance. Water damage could also be the cause of your floor's discoloration.

Your hardwood will oxidize and change color if it absorbs water. Water damage is often visible as gray streaks and discoloration. A refinish will solve the problem at this point. However, if the stain persists, it will darken and finally turn black. It is usually an indication that the wood's structure sustains water damage and that the hardwood needs immediate replacements.

#5. Cupping

Cupping occurs when floorboards bend downward from their edges in a concave shape. Cupping is not only unattractive, but it also indicates water damage. Spills and drips are not the only cause of this damage; humidity can also be a factor. You can fix mild cupping with sanding, but if any floorboards are sticking up or separating, you'll need to replace them individually.

If you find any indication of such signs in your residence or business establishment, never hesitate to call a licensed professional who will do the task for you professionally. Never entrust such a project to a DIY, or the mistake can be costly. Contact a trustworthy contractor to have the peace of mind you deserve.

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