Safety On Site: Preventing Injury

Safety On Site: Preventing Injury

Access Doors and Panels on 27th Jun 2018

Safety On Site: Preventing Injury

Any job whether it is in construction, policing or even teaching – there are always dangers to be aware of and conscientious of. In construction, regardless of whether it is in the beginning or end state there are dangers at every level that are can be avoided.

Unless the work that is done is on a single floor or level, for the most part height will always be a contractors biggest danger onsite. Whether one is working on a ladder or scaling a wall to install beams or nails, heights are part of the construction industry.

A recommendation when working above ground and high levels is working in pairs and ensuring proper equipment is used. Not only is it important to ensure the proper equipment is used, everything from the harness to what is securing the rope or ladder, doing routine checks can prevent any accidental mishaps from happening.

Not only does ensuring the proper measures are in place when working on higher levels – it is also important to ensure that the area surrounding the work taking place at high levels is clear but also marked.

It is sometimes simply unavoidable - having wires, nails and tools laying around and it is for this reason that slips and trips are an on-site danger that can also happen unexpectedly. A way of preventing slips and trips is implementing proper workplace practices such as having a clean and clear work zone. Promoting this can prevent injuries that if serious enough, end the career of a worker.

Another preventative measure that can be taken is when there is a spill, having markers to identify the spill can prevent any potential slip mishaps. While it may be a natural reflection to simply wipe up a spill, on industrial and construction job sites, spills aren’t always water but rather gas and oil which can be hard to clean make the scene of the spot still a danger for slipping.

Just like tripping – it is not always easy to move the tools and objects which are required; however, clearly identifying them can prevent any further damaging injuries. Long beams of wood, if unmarked can result in workers accidentally walking into them.

Heavy machinery, depending on the type of work being done is not only necessary but it can help hasten the building process. Repetitive long term and extreme exposure to loud noises can result in permanent hearing loss. A preventative measure is ensuring contractors and staff use the necessary hearing protection – whether it be an over the head headphones or earbuds, while they may not entirely prevent or block out the sounds of machinery, it can reduce impact.

Though one may think that the impact of the loud noise could only impact the person working with the machinery directly, there is also the surrounding workers to be considerate of as well. Regardless of the role on a site, having the proper hearing protection will benefit everyone in the long run.

Another job danger on site to be aware of is electrical. Whether it is a commercial or residential job site, it is believed that on average three construction workers will be electrocuted. This can be accidental or dangerous work practices and environments. When it comes to working with wiring in a building or panels with electricity it is important to ensure not only the workers safety but those around as well.

One way of ensuring one's’ safety is turning off any sources of power to the area that one is working on. This can prevent any electrocution. Another method for preventing any electrical on-site dangers is knowing one’s comfort level and knowledge of the system which they are working on. While contractors in general may have the basic knowledge of wirings, if necessary hiring someone with the proper qualifications and certifications can prevent any unnecessary injuries and dangers on-site.

Contractors, builders and many laborer in the industry are one of the most injured job forces in the market – in a way, it is important to be aware of one is surroundings in an attempt to prevent any potential injuries or dangers. Taking the time to secure your surroundings means securing you and your team's safety.

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27th Jun 2018 Access Doors and Panels