​Recommended Coastal Zone Access Panels for Hotel Construction

​Recommended Coastal Zone Access Panels for Hotel Construction

Access Doors and Panels on 23rd Mar 2022

​Recommended Coastal Zone Access Panels for Hotel Construction

Like any other business in a given location, hotels can be threatened by natural disasters and extreme weather, and this can potentially cause long-term consequences. Hotel industries are particularly vulnerable and exposed to the risk of physical damage. Apart from the physical damage, the tourism sector also has an accompanying economic risk of suffering as tourists reject areas recently affected by a disaster event.

In addition, hotels by the beach are always a go-to for tourists from all parts of the world. The sea breeze touching your skin as you open the glass windows from your room can easily clear your stress away. You might think that all hotel structures are built the same, but they vary in materials in terms of location.

Some mechanical systems are usually located at the exterior part of hotels. Since heavy winds are common in these locations, mechanical systems like electrical systems can be vulnerable. Coastal zone access doors are necessary for building structures exposed to high-wind pressure. This article will show you the positive insights into installing an access panel for hotel construction.

The Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is the part of the service industry that deals with guest accommodation or lodgings. By most definitions, the hotel industry refers to hotels and many other forms of overnight accommodation, including hostels, motels, inns, and guest houses. On days of travel or leisure, hotels are very convenient if you want a small getaway from your routine.

Effects of Typhoons in the Hotel Industry

Hotel owners invest a lot in hotel resistance against any calamities. Natural calamities are inevitable, and they can cost much damage to your establishment. Some hotel owners always scout an area before planning any construction project. Hotel owners and operators know how vital their businesses are to reopen after a disastrous event. Extended repairs and room closures can badly affect the hotel’s name and revenue, so hotels must strive to remain financially viable after a hurricane.

Here are some of the most common property damage that your hotel can face after extreme weather:

  • Structure and building damage
  • Building code compliance during reconstruction
  • Refunds, rebooking fees, and other lost guest revenue
  • Business interruption
  • Evacuation and cleanup costs
  • Wind damage
  • Flood damage

What Makes Coastal Zone Access Panels Suitable for Hotels?

This access door is tested with a high velocity and impact. With a design pressure of 80 psf, this door is sure to resist mother nature’s most brutal storms. The coastal zone access panels are crash, air, and wind pressure tested. It has 1.6 inches of closed-cell polyurethane insulation for temperature control that allows this unit to deliver an R-11 thermal value. It is manufactured with a 24 gauge steel door and a .080 inch 6063-T5 extruded aluminum frame.

Also, it comes with a 1 inch exposed flange and EPDM self-adhesive, continuous gasketing. Not only are you keeping your mechanical systems safe from the potential dangers of extreme weather conditions, but you are also saving money since this access door is proven to be durable and can stand intense pressures.

The Takeaway

Investing in materials that are proven to be durable is an intelligent tactic for a business owner. Materials like the coastal zone access doors will make sure to last for a long time, even in extreme climatic situations. The amount of damage your structure can endure can cost millions of dollars. Make sure your establishment is ensured to help you save money on repairs.

If you’re looking for more helpful blogs about hotel construction, make sure to visit Access Doors and Panels, where we also provide quality coastal zone access panels for your construction needs. You can contact us directly at (800) 483-0823 for more details about our products. 

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