Doors and Panels - Things to Consider Beforehand

Doors and Panels - Things to Consider Beforehand

Access Doors and Panels on 20th Mar 2019

Doors and Panels - Things to Consider Beforehand

In the world of construction and building – access doors and panels are becoming a great asset. They are becoming a common go-to choice and solution for contractors who are looking to give their clients accessibility, versatility and functionality. For some builders, it can be hard for them to sell the idea of an access panel because they often have an industrial look. Before access doors and panels can be purchased or installed though – there are a few things that should be considered, here Access Doors and Panels shares a few things to consider.


The first thing a contractor will ask their client or inspect of the space is the purpose the access panel and door will play. Is the access door going to be used as a means of gaining access from one area to another or is it to conceal and secure a space? The type of functionality and purpose of a door will dictate the kind of door and panel a contractor will recommend. For some handymen and some access panels, there are ones that can be installed without the aid of a professional. Some panels, such as drywall or a magnetic panel can be installed without the help of a contractor; however, if a handyman were to do this, they should ensure proper safety first and foremost. Knowing the purpose can be done by consulting with a specialist and doing research because no matter what type of building or project, understanding the purpose for the door and panel will guide you in your search of the most optimal access door and panel.

Safety Requirements 

In commercial properties and businesses, whatever goes in and installed has to adhere to specific building codes – this goes for access panels and doors. In commercial restaurants, it is essential that the valves and panels installed in the kitchens are heat resistant and meet the building codes because if they are not up to code, this can result in hefty fines and potential hazards. Other requires that should be considered a safety component is whether or not security, insulation or material will have a play. Some access panels have small windows panes, this may be important for some buildings and not for others. Soundproofing is another important component to consider. Safety is key, it is a major way of being proactive and preventing and serious injuries or damages.

Knowing the safety requirements sometimes means that the client may have to garner more information or seek a specialist who can come in to consult on what their needs are.


One of the downfalls that clients often encounter with access panels is the aesthetics versus their function. For some businesses, it is hard to look past aesthetics and understand the importance of functionality. It is important to note that thanks to companies such as Access Doors and Panels, they offer a wide array of access panels that can be customized and can be designed to suit a builder and client needs. When choosing a door or panel, aesthetics can be considered in terms of ensuring it can blend well into its surroundings. For access panels that are flushed or that are made from drywall – these panels can be easily concealed but can also be coated with a color to suit its surroundings.

Access panels can suit the needs of business but more importantly be customized right down to the measurement and shape.


Material ties in heavily with the purpose and safety of an access panel. A panel that is made of stainless steel is likely to be rust and fire resistant, while drywall access panels made from plaster may be less likely to withstand the same time of exposure and elements. It is important that when considering the functionality and purpose of an access panel that the material is also considered. It is important to consider because not choosing the right material or not knowing what material to go with can impact the maximal function of the panel.

Access Panel and Door Selection 

When it comes to finding that perfect access door and panel, it is important to consider multiple factors but also to ensure you make an informed decision. One shouldn’t be wary of going with a panel nor should they feel like their project or build can’t benefit from an access door or panel – because any project can and building can be enhanced through an access panel and door.

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