Benefits of Steel Products

Benefits of Steel Products

Access Doors and Panels on 6th Feb 2019

Benefits of Steel Products

So you have some items you'd like to keep out of sight behind your wall but need a way to have access to them without having to cut into your drywall or wall every time? Looks like you're in the market for an access panel or access door! But where do you start, and how do you know which is the best option for you? With a market offering a vast variety of options when it comes to quality, style and features we will

Put just, access doors and panels provide easy access to mechanical, electrical, plumbing or other sensitive systems that need to be accessed behind the wall from time to time. Most options on the market are either plastic based or steel based access panels and doors. There are pros and cons to both, but in the end, the quality and benefits that steel offers far outweigh those of the inferior plastic options. We will help break down some of the features that help illustrate why steel access panels and doors are a better option in almost every situation.

Cost - This is the one area where plastic access panels and doors hold an advantage over steel. Generally speaking plastic panels are much cheaper than their steel counterparts, however, if you need an access door for any type of security application plastic certainly falls well short. If you are budget conscious and need a cheaper option that will do the very basic of giving access to behind your wall then yes plastic is the best option. That being said there are a LOT of other reasons why a steel door might be required.

Strength/Durability - Plastic has a very low resistance threshold for elevated temperatures, acidity and other corrosive elements. Steel is simply stronger, harder and more durable than their plastic counterparts. If you have an access panel in a high traffic area of your home all it takes is one mistake/accident, and that panel can be damaged and need replacement.

Fire Rated - Often times behind an access panel or door there will be sensitive systems such as electrical systems or even a safe. Steel has a very high melting point and is less likely to degrade under elevated temperatures. If you live in a condominium, there are often minimum code requirements when installing panels - be sure to consult them to avoid any additional work having to be done to replace an inferior model! 

Environmental - With an increased focus on the environment consumers are starting to shift away from plastic-based products. Plastic takes an inordinate amount of time to break down whereas steel can simply be recycled. For the small difference in price and for the quality difference it just makes sense to stay away from plastic products when possible. Only a few plastic products are able to be recycled where the majority end up in landfills and do not break down.


The cheap yet economical option is, of course, to use a plastic based product for access panels or doors. There is a wide variety of styles available, but it really lacks in any type of feature - you're getting what you pay for. Steel based access panels and doors offer such a wide variety of features that it makes sense to make the investment early that will pay off later. We would highly suggest that when you are in the initial stages of your construction or renovation to consider what steel based access panel or door will meet the requirements needed.

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