Access Door Requirements to Consider

Access Door Requirements to Consider

Access Doors and Panels on 8th Aug 2018

Access Door Requirements to Consider

Access doors for many contractors have become a common choice and solution that sometimes we can easily overlook the basic requirements and guidelines. Doors are used so frequently that their function is taken for granted; therefore, when you are designing new building or looking to replace a door, what exactly should you look for? What requirements should be fulfilled? Use the following guidelines and you will create functional success for your access doors.


The first thing you should ask yourself is – what is the purpose of this door? Perhaps this is the door your customers will be using to gain access to your building. Maybe it is a bay door that opens to allow trucks to deliver product. Or maybe it is the front door to a residential dwelling. The type of door you choose will depend on its function. For example, if you are creating a store front the door must be user friendly while still meeting safety standards. Adding windows or having a glass doors can also be a good solution because it allows customers to look for multiple options. No matter what type of building it is, knowing the purpose of the door will guide you in your search of the most optimal access door.

Safety Requirements

ors are the safety requirements. Doors are the entry and exit point for rooms and buildings therefore different safety requirements are necessary for different access points. For example, doors into workshops need to be fire rated, as per the building code. This means they must fully close on their own and be able to withstand the heat of a burning fire. Other requirements could include shatter proof glass or doors with that allow for sight lines to what is on the other side. Safety requirements are enforced by both building codes and individual business needs. Before you install a new door check with your local building code and make sure the door meets the safety needs of your business.

Building Code Adherence

Just as the safety requirements are essential to consider – it is also important to consider the building codes. With new builds, there is flexibility in that when it comes to choosing the proper panels – right from the beginning the contractor and designer can ensure they build with this in mind therefore the building codes are met. If, however, the building has been around for years, decades and there has been a building code already in place and the panel is seen as a new addition, it is important that the panel selected adheres to the existing building code regulations. Whether that is in the form of fire resistance, insulation or sound absorbance.


When it comes to access panels, while their function is paramount, for some the aesthetics is just as important. Whether you are looking to retrofit a door onto an existing building or match a new door to a new building keeping with the design of the building itself is extremely important. A door that does not match the building it’s affixed to stands out, and not in a good way. When choosing the door think about what colour the building is, what material it’s made out of and the size of the building. For example, large buildings should have large doors. Scale is important. A small door on a huge building looks odd. Just as a large glass door on an old wooden building does not look right. The viewer cannot always pick out exactly what is wrong with the design but their brain can register that something just doesn’t work. Aesthetic appeal matters. The building your business is housed is in a part of your marketing. If you have a run down or odd looking building, people will associate those eccentricities with your business. So do yourself a favour and choose a door that matches your building style.


Like other elements of the door, the material it’s constructed from matters greatly. A number of different factors should go into choosing the correct material for the door. As previously mentioned the design of the building itself should be a factor. For example, a wood door fits well with a timber sided building, a steel door on a contemporary building, a glass door on a building filled with windows – the list goes on. The safety requirements of the door should also be a factor when choosing the material. For example, a door need to be made of glass so that sights lines can be maintained, where another door may need to be fire rated. Each type of material will dictate what sort of door can be installed and what functions it can provide.

Choosing wisely

Choosing the best access door for your building requires a number of different factors. The purpose of the door will affect what kind you choose and the material it’s made out of. Any safety requirements outlined by the building code will also affect the type of door that is installed. As will the climate in which your building resides. Finally, the aesthetics of the overall building will need to be taken into consideration. When choosing your new door, do not underestimate the value of each of these factors. The right door gives your business the right access.

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8th Aug 2018 Access Doors and Panels