Access Door and Panel Requirements You Should Know

Access Door and Panel Requirements You Should Know

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 17th Jul 2019

Access Door and Panel Requirements You Should Know

Are you looking to add a bit of functionality and purpose to your wall, floor or ceiling? Did you know that when it comes to access doors and panels, you can do just that? Access panels and doors can enhance your existing space into either storage or an access point. Before a client or contractor can purchase an access door or panel, there are a few considerations to keep in mind that will help when it comes to determining the exact panel to get the job done.

Since you now know the importance of access door and panel requirements, you should have no issues getting any hefty penalties. If you plan on installing access doors to your building, you can purchase them by contacting Access Doors and Panels! Don’t forget to also check out our best-selling products to know what our clients purchase the most. You can also fill out our Request a Quote form if you plan on buying dozens of our products for your needs.

Panel Material

One thing to keep in mind when installing an access panel or door is the material make of the panel. Why? With the existence of many materials used for wall or ceiling – from drywall to plaster to aluminum and steel – it is essential to have a panel that will is compatible with the material. On top of that, the panel should be able to withstand any exposure to climate, heat, or even wind. When it comes to access panels, there are two places a panel can be installed – the interior or exterior of a space.

Bearing this in mind, it is essential when it comes to knowing the access panel or door to install. When it comes to access panels and doors, should a client or contractor be unsure of what kind of panel to go with? Companies such as Access Doors and Panels can provide guided assistance on finding that perfect panel. From finding an access panel that will be installed either in the interior or exterior, the contractor and client must then decide what the purpose of the access panel is. Is it meant to insulate, soundproof or act as a security panel? These are considerations that must be thought of before the install but also the purchase.

Wall, floor, ceiling or roof?

Access panels are building solutions that not only enhance a space, but they are also versatile in the installation location. Access panels can be versatile, from access panels that are installed against a wall or floor, to creating storage, to ceiling or roof access panels designed to conceal imperfections or wires and pipes. Access panels are solutions that contractors may suggest to a client.

Understanding where the panel will be installed will allow a contractor to make the best recommendation of the type of panel to use. Flushed, recessed, drywall or aluminum, access panels of certain materials can enhance a space, but more importantly, they can allow a client to have the versatility that they seek. So often, access panels are not considered as a building solution because some contractors, builders and clients aren’t aware of their benefits or the fact that they can be installed in more places than just a floor or wall.

Standard vs. Customized Measurements

At Access Doors and Panels, our clients can find an array of access panels that are either of standard measurement or access panels that can be customized to suit the client’s needs. When it comes to access panel measurements, not only is it essential for them to find suppliers that can provide a panel that will suit their needs but they also need to be sure of the panel measurements. It is vital to have the measurements of the opening need to be precise to ensure that the panel they purchase can fit within the hole. For more access panels, the size can vary from 6” by 6” to 48” by 72”. Again, it is crucial to consider the supplier, as some access panels can be used as a walk-through door.

Added Features

With access panels, there are ones that are of the standard functionality, for example, a drywall access panel. There is nothing that enhances the drywall panel, and the chances that the panel was installed to create access to wires or pipes are most likely. For panels that are made of materials other than drywall, may offer a special coating that prevents them from rusting, molding or possibly enhance the overall functionality of the panel.

Other added features that make an access panel unique from typical building solutions are the latches and locks. At Access Doors and Panels, you can find security access panels that vary in level of security, from high to medium. Though for some, features increase the cost of an access panel, this is not the case with access panels.

Panels to suit your needs. 

From material to size and added features, determining precisely the needs of a client and a contractor will ensure what kind of panel to go with. While many panels typically overlap in their functionality, sometimes what distinguishes one panel over another is client preference. The next time a client or contractor is in the market for an access panel, consider these, and you’ll be able to find the panel for your next project.

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