​7 Problems You Will Avoid by Installing Access Doors in Your Commercial Building

​7 Problems You Will Avoid by Installing Access Doors in Your Commercial Building

Access Doors and Panels on 11th May 2022

​7 Problems You Will Avoid by Installing Access Doors in Your Commercial Building

Your commercial building contains different systems that all contribute to the total functionality of the structure. These components also provide continued convenience for the people inside, and if one of those systems encounters an issue, it might affect the entire establishment. Ensuring that these components are safe and easy to access whenever there is a need for checkups is vital to avoid certain instances.

One way to protect building components is by installing access doors. Construction industries have been using access doors for centuries. We can see them today as white metal doors. It is truly astonishing how access doors have improved over the years. Manufacturers are making access doors for a specific situation or location. These include fire-rated access doors and panels for enhanced fire protection, grease duct access panels for commercial kitchens, and insulated access doors for enhanced building insulation.

To help you decide whether to install an access door in your commercial building, we have listed down all the problems you can avoid by having them:

1. Power Interruptions

Access doors help provide protection and, at the same time, provide easy access whenever there require repairs or minor checkups. Without access doors and panels, having regular checkups to your electrical systems can be near impossible or complicated. Not having regular checkups can increase the likelihood of dealing with problems in your electrical system, and you might even experience power interruptions.

2. Unauthorized Entry

You can also utilize access doors to store essential or private things you want to keep safe from unauthorized personnel. There are high-security access doors available out the market, and you can even choose their level of security. Installing access doors will provide you with extra storage, and at the same time, you will have the confidence that all your items are secured and safe.

3. Faulty HVAC Systems

HVAC access doors are also beneficial for your HVAC systems. They provide convenient access to your HVAC systems whenever maintenance or checkups are needed. Without a safe opening of the HVAC system's mainframe, issues may affect the device's efficiency. Not only that, but access doors also help keep away animal infestations to your HVAC, such as spiders, rats, or even birds which can damage the whole system. Having a faulty HVAC system will cost you more on repairs and replacement.

4. Rise in Energy Bills

You must provide convenient access to critical mechanical systems in your commercial building. Without this, it will be hard for your maintenance team to do regular checkups to avoid specific problems that will lead to system inefficiency. Maintaining your electrical systems, HVAC systems, and other mechanical systems provides the assurance of continuous functionality and comfort for your occupants. Problems in these systems can cause a rise in your energy consumption, which you want to avoid.

5. Minimize Injuries

Some components in your commercial building require adequate protection to avoid injuries from authorized personnel and your occupants. For example, electrical systems are a risk for your occupants because of the potential threat when they come into contact. It is always best to secure these components to avoid unwanted injuries that will cost you money and bring out an inadequate representation of your authority.

6. Fire Safety Risks

Some access doors have features that can tolerate heat for a specific number of hours. This quality is essential, especially for buildings that require enhanced safety against fire risks. Installing access doors helps particular components in your commercial building, mainly when unwanted fire circumstances occur.

7. Unreasonable Replacement Costs

A while back, your access door's primary role is to provide easy access to critical mechanical systems in your establishment. Without it, faulty mechanical issues and system deterioration are not impossible to occur. Not being able to fix the minor problems will eventually require system replacements which can cost a fortune. To avoid these circumstances, you should install access doors and panels.

The Takeaway

Investing in products that will help enhance and secure vital systems in your commercial building is always wise. Ensure that you purchase quality access doors from trusted manufacturing companies who will assist you throughout the installation process.

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