3 Major Advantages You Will Enjoy When You Install Access Doors

3 Major Advantages You Will Enjoy When You Install Access Doors

Access Doors and Panels on 17th Aug 2022

3 Major Advantages You Will Enjoy When You Install Access Doors

Access doors conceal openings in walls, ceilings, and floors where building components sit in small compartments beneath the surface. Most commercial buildings have at least one access door, if not many. You'll find them in utility rooms, kitchens, garages, and basements. And if you look closely, you may also notice them in airports, hospitals, hotels, and condominiums, though they are likely cleverly concealed. But what purpose do access doors serve, and what advantages do they offer? Let's find out!

Advantage #1: Protection of Delicate Building Components

Many building systems involve a network of complicated wiring, controls, meters, and gauges. Only trained technicians understand how they operate and know how to keep everything balanced. Think about the systems behind the scenes - your HVAC, plumbing, electrical wiring and cables, heating and gas, to name a few. Access doors conceal the compartments where these components sit inside your ceiling and walls, discouraging unauthorized tampering that could damage your commercial building and put occupants in danger.

Some access doors offer a virtually invisible finish, so they're hardly noticeable to passersby simply by applying the same surface material as the surrounding walls. They're also lockable, depending on the requirements of your facility.

Access doors are worth the investment when you figure out the costs involved should these systems be damaged. When properly installed, access doors contribute to your peace of mind!

Advantage #2: Convenient Access for Maintenance and Repairs

Access doors provide quick, convenient access when authorized technicians come for routine inspections, emergency repairs, or to connect a utility. There's no need to tear out wall sections or disrupt the integrity of the surface.

Since your personnel can access building components swiftly, they'll be able to perform their maintenance tasks more effectively. For instance, if you are operating a restaurant, duct access doors give cleaning staff quick access to your ducts, allowing them to effectively and efficiently clean the ductwork, removing oil, dirt, and other materials that can be flammable.

Instruments, equipment, and tools can easily pass through, depending on the size of the doors. The benefits of properly installed access doors are many, saving you money and making the process efficient as it shortens the time for your team to conduct their work.

Advantage #3: Enhanced Security and Improved Safety Compliance

Many regulating agencies and governing bodies require the installation of fire-rated access doors and panels in commercial buildings. Enforcement of these standards protects people and property from potential harm. By following these protocols and complying with these regulations, you're adding additional protection to your investment. Although fire-rated access doors do not prevent fires, they can help to slow down the spread of fire for a limited time. For instance, restaurant establishments must have grease duct access doors so personnel can remove various flammable materials efficiently. It secures the safety of the workers because it lessens the possibility of fire or combustion.

Enjoy the Advantages Today!

Commercial construction professionals can't afford to underestimate the value of installing access doors throughout commercial structures. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing your building components are protected, your maintenance staff has easy access for repairs, and your structure is safe and secure.

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17th Aug 2022 Access Doors and Panels