FDP - Fire-Rated Insulated Concealed Frame with PlasterGuard - JL Industries  

The FDP - Fire-Rated Insulated Concealed Frame with PlasterGuard is the perfect solution for a seamless, concealed access panel that maintains fire safety. Its concealed frame and PlasterGuard finish ensure a careful and professional look while providing fire protection. 

The FDP access panel is the best option for commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and other public spaces because it meets excellent safety standards. Its insulated core helps to control heat loss, while the PlasterGuard coating ensures a clean and professional finish.  

Reason to choose FDP   

  • Fire safety rated 
  • Insulated for energy efficiency 
  • Concealed frame design for a clean look 
  • Plaster Guard surface for easy finishing 
  • Easy to install 
  • Secure locking mechanism 
  • Customizable sizes and finishes 

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Choose the FDP access panel if you want a safe and professional solution for your building's access needs. Contact us for a quote and learn more about our available customization options 

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