The FWU-L Roof access egress windows by FAKROS provide natural light and ventilation into the building while enabling access to the roof. Egress roof windows like this one help you get out of your house in times of emergency. Fakro's FWU-L egress windows are suitable for roof pitches ranging from 15° to 55°.

It has a frame on the outside and comes with hinges for simple installation. This egress roof window has a frame constructed out of vacuum-impregnated pine wood and has two coats of clear acrylic lacquer. As a result, it is more durable and can withstand harsher climatic conditions. Fakro's FWU-L egress windows make your home more comfortable and safer!

Why Choose FWU-R

  • Provide natural light and ventilation where needed
  • Access to escape route during emergency
  • Increased comfort and safety
  • Made for long-term use in harsher climates

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