Mud in Flange / Hidden Flange

Mud in Flange / Hidden Flange

Do you know why you should have a drywall access panel with mud in the bead flange? They help secure the door to a wall while maintaining a flat, flush look that enables a design where the door panel is the only visible thing you see. 

When painted with a color similar to that of the surrounding material, you have an access door that’s practically part of the wall in looks and aesthetics. You have to check out our extensive line of drywall access panels, including mud in flange/hidden flange panels, offered in flush, fire-rated, recessed, and many more.

Our flush access door with drywall bead flange is designed specifically for installation in drywall walls and ceilings after drywall has been installed. Our unique concealed hinge and screwdriver-operated cam latches allow the door panel, formed with flanges on four sides, to operate freely with no binding, sagging, or distortion. Once the application is completed, only the door panel remains exposed. 

If you want flush installation on drywall surfaces, use Elmdor’s drywall bead access door. It features a concealed hinge that prevents distortion and closes the door squarely. Its flange has pre-punched holes to grip the joint compound and facilitate fastening the flange to framing members with drywall screws. 

Access Doors and Panels’ drywall access panel mud in the flange is now in stock and ready to ship. Don’t hesitate and order this item now! Call us at (800) 609-2917.