Exposed Flange

Exposed Flange

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If you are planning to install new plumbing or electrical elements, cutting into drywall would often risk breaking the wall’s seal. Drywall access panels do not only preserve access to components and maintain the structure’s original appearance but also restore the seal. Access Doors and Panels offers you a wide selection of drywall doors with exposed flange. You can choose from our adjustable and removable doors, airtight and watertight doors, flush doors, fire-rated doors, insulated doors, plastic doors, recessed doors, removable doors, security doors, and surface mounted doors. 

One of our best-reviewed products is Acudor’s flush plastic access door. PA-3000 is designed to give you easy access to walls and ceilings. Its remarkable features include styrene plastic with UV stabilizers that will not fade or corrode, a completely removable door from the frame, and white finish with textured exposed surfaces. It’s easy to install by applying caulking adhesive to the back of the frame and pressing into place. 

If it is for exterior applications, the exterior door from KARP is highly-recommendable. It is a high-quality, galvanized steel door that comes with a galvanized hinge. These components combined with KARP’s electrostatic rust-inhibitive powder finish provides two durable protective layers. The door includes styrofoam insulation that provides exceptional resistance to water and water vapor. The product lead time is 10 business days. 

Are you looking for a quality drywall access panel with exposed flange? Purchase it from Access Doors and Panels today! We offer quality products at very affordable prices.

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