​Understanding Coastal Access Doors and How to Protect Beachside Structures

​Understanding Coastal Access Doors and How to Protect Beachside Structures

Access Doors and Panels on 22nd Jun 2022

​Understanding Coastal Access Doors and How to Protect Beachside Structures

You can find many commercial establishments like hotels and rental summer houses along the beachside because they attract visitors who want to enjoy the view of the sea. However, beachside buildings face tons of issues than those constructed away due to many factors such as moisture from the beach that could damage the exterior components over time. That's why beachside building owners install coastal access doors to ensure their building's components from various issues brought by seawater.

Understand that access doors built for coastal development projects are different from your standard interior or exterior access door. Installing anything other than a coastal access panel will cause problems for your building. If you own a structure by the beachfront, you must learn more about coastal access panels and how they give excellent protection.

What are coastal access doors, and why are they important?

The primary responsibility of coastal access panels is that they can withstand harsh coastal conditions. In most cases, seawalls and beachside areas experience tons of moisture every day due to the winds carrying seawater into the land. You may not feel the moisture in the wind on most days because they are incredibly tiny particles that your skin will barely notice. But after a few hours of continuous wind blowing, you will see buildings, and everything near the water becomes moist.

In addition, some buildings have external systems like electrical panels that should never get wet. Installing a standard access door to cover the fixture will not work because there's a chance that moisture will seep through the door frame's gaps.

Contractors usually do beach nourishment, filling large quantities of sand to combat erosion near coastal areas. It also works by pushing the water away from the building or structure. The buildings will still get hit with seawater, so you may need to install coastal access panels. You might even encounter problems with the Coastal Construction Control Line, so you should discuss this with the contractors responsible for the beach filling.

Another thing to understand about a coastal access door is that it can endure heavy loads of impact, air, and wind pressures of +/- 80psf. It also has insulation properties for temperature control, ensuring the door frame's interior side doesn't get too hot or cold. You can thank the coastal access panel's 24-gauge steel door frame for its superior protection.

How to protect beachside structures with coastal access panels

If you have fragile components and systems on your building's exterior areas, you should install coastal access panels. You should focus on installing them in areas directly facing the beachside because that's the area where the wind will bring the seawater. You can also protect your coastal access panels better by installing small canopies to prevent rainwater from pouring into the access panel.

The Takeaway

Ensure you get your coastal access panels from trustworthy suppliers like Access Doors and Panels. You don't want any issues with your access panel, especially when you don't want to stress about future repairs and maintenance. You have a wide selection of sizes for coastal access panels, so your contractors should have no trouble fitting them on the exterior opening.

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During the initial beach architecture design phase, don't forget about adding coastal access doors into the project because they will protect electrical panels, plumbing pipes, and anything else that needs protection from harsh weather elements. And if you need them, you can contact Access Doors and Panels at (800) 609-2917. We are always ready to assist our customers with our products! 

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