​Top 10 Reasons Millennials Should Become Construction Contractors

​Top 10 Reasons Millennials Should Become Construction Contractors

Access Doors and Panels on 30th Nov 2022

​Top 10 Reasons Millennials Should Become Construction Contractors

The construction industry is essential to society as it provides shelter, revenue, and employment. However, the construction sector faces severe challenges like supply chain delays and labor shortages because of the aging workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provided a report saying that 42-43 years old is the average age of the labor workforce.

The number makes sense because most construction employers prefer experienced workers. Hiring aged workers presents various advantages as they are more reliable and skilled. But to address the labor shortage, the industry must consider hiring millennials. These millennials might be young and inexperienced, but they possess qualities that fit the construction general contractor services.

You might think that millennials in construction will not work, but here are ten reasons why it will work.

Why Hire Millennials

Here are ten reasons why you should consider millennial contractors and workers:

1. They're Young and Looking for Job Stability

Millennials have made up the largest generation of the workforce since 2016. At the same time, many employers view them as lazy and picky because they experienced the recession and want stability, especially with their job. Since They wish to improve their future and financial security, you can update your recruitment process to address the labor shortage.

2. They Know Modern Technology

Millennials grew up in the age of technology, given that they were born from 1981 to 1996. It's part of their life, and it makes sense to hire them to keep up with the modernization of construction. These technologies include 3D printing, drones, building information software (BIM), and virtual reality. Various technologies can increase revenue and make your business more efficient, and you can rely on millennials to handle this.

3. They Seek Career Development

As technology grows, many companies become more accepting of new ideas and strategies for resolving employee or work issues. Making your business employee-oriented encourages young workers to climb the corporate ladder and effectively replace a retiring generation. Introduce opportunities, showcase your company's stability, and develop strong career growth to make millennials comfortable joining the field.

4. They're Innovative

The construction industry is continuously progressing with the latest delivery systems and automation to meet customer demands. Millennials can be an excellent addition to your business by providing new concepts and ideas to improve innovation due to their understanding of new tools and software.

5. They Can Promote Better Collaboration

Many hardworking millennials value teamwork and collaboration, making them excellent for planning and communication projects. Although they have issues with micromanagement and a commanding environment, it's because they value opinions and seek affirmations from superiors who listen and see them as equal.

6. They Want Benefits

Although they're young, millennials consider whether they will have a good salary and benefits during employment. With the older laborers or contractors retiring, they need to fill the gaps caused by shortage and retirement. Hence, they want a stable salary and a clear career path.

7. They Need Steady Income

Millennials are not all young, as most are in their 30s or late 20s. Some may even have a family, making them eager to find a job and do better at it. This eagerness and wanting to have a good retirement plan makes them reliable and ideal for labor-intensive jobs. In addition, the recession is still ongoing, which leads to layoffs and debts, with the construction industry hit hard during this time. With the retiring workers, you might consider reshaping the business in line with the younger demographic.

8. They Want to Work with a Company Who Values Them

Most millennials strive to develop their skills, financial stability, and values – driving them to find a company that can align with their values and understands their needs. One way of doing so is to invest in improving your employees' well-being and addressing their needs. In addition, you can establish a healthy work-life balance by being consistent with your breaks, day offs, and leaves and offering training and avenues for growth.

9. They Can Relate More to Younger Clients

If millennials encompass the labor force, that could mean that there are younger clients with whom you can handle business. Your junior sales team can find potential customers to increase revenue and make your business more popular by word of mouth or social media.

10. They know their way around social media

They live in an age where social media can be used for almost everything. Hiring millennials is sure to be an advantage in the construction industry because social media can be used in many ways, such as social media marketing for their construction services.

The current construction workforce is getting older daily, which might look like the sad truth, but this is normal. The industry just needs to hire fresh and new blood for it to overcome this circumstance. The times are changing; this new blood will be your weapon in riding this wave of change.

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