​The Best Ways on How to Prepare Buildings Before an Extreme Hurricane

​The Best Ways on How to Prepare Buildings Before an Extreme Hurricane

Access Doors and Panels on 16th Nov 2022

​The Best Ways on How to Prepare Buildings Before an Extreme Hurricane

Everyone has plans when it comes to natural disasters for their structures. However, there are still possibilities that those plans may fail if you have lapsed. Even if you already have plans on how you can prepare your buildings for natural disasters, there are still things that you may have failed to notice.

Having the right plans for your facilities can save you money, time, and resources. Lastly, it can give you peace of mind as you know everyone will be safe.

Risk your buildings might face

1. Your structure's building envelope

The building envelope refers to the exterior of a structure that protects the whole structure from any natural calamities. It is a system that combines structural integrity, moisture control, air pressure boundaries, and temperature control as an entire design. Its main intention is to keep all the external forces out of the building, like groundwater, rain, and humidity.

Damages that might happen to your building if your building envelope fails:

  • Mildew, mold, and wood-rot
  • Collapsed roofing
  • Harmful pathogens might spread
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Bad exterior climate control

Along with more problems that may occur in your buildings due to the hurricane, it can affect your structure's ability to operate efficiently after an extreme storm.

2. Roof damage

We know that wear and tear are normal for roofs over time, but external forces can significantly affect your roof. Extreme storms and hurricanes can cause colossal damage by flashings, membranes, vent stacks, and pipe boots.

Here are some expert advice to lessen the damage to your roofs:

  • Always let a professional check your roofing, especially if a hurricane or storm is coming into your area.
  • Check for wet spots, leaks, and stains on your roof and have it repaired.
  • Pull out all the loose debris from your top that can cause harm.

3. Trees Falling

We all know how intense winds blow during a hurricane, which can easily make those dead trees near your buildings fall. If you see that the trees near your structures are already dead, it is time to get some experts to remove them. Trees alive should not be released; instead, only detach those dead branches.

Lastly, clear up any fallen tree limbs surrounding your building and other harmful debris that can significantly affect your structures.

How can you prepare your building for the upcoming extreme hurricane?

Now that we have mentioned the common risk that your buildings might face during these natural calamities, you may immediately start acting on how you can prepare your facilities.

1. Plan for your emergency response.

Time is gold is genuinely the saying we can describe whenever someone responds to an emergency. One essential thing you must know is that you must have all sorts of vendors you can rely on and respond to your needs immediately whenever you need them, including but not limited to contractors, hygienists, plumbers, and electricians.

2. Make a communication line.

Another thing you may do is to communicate with your team internally and externally, which is part of your emergency response plans. Lines must also be open, especially during an emergency.

3. Maintenance check for your building

To prevent severe damage to your buildings, have a maintenance check for your structure. Access doors can help your repairs go smoothly and having smooth and easy maintenance can ensure that your establishment will keep you from embracing significant issues.

When the hurricane stops repairing the damages

Let experts check your property for repairs when the hurricane has already passed. They can quickly identify which part of your structure needs repairs and any hazards that need attention if you have already followed all the advice we have given. Indeed, your buildings are ready for the upcoming hurricanes.

If you ever need ways to make your maintenance more accessible and faster, you may contact us at (800) 609-2917. Our team is ready to explain access doors and how they can help you and your property! 

16th Nov 2022 Access Doors and Panels