BIW - 22" x 36" Insulated Fire-Rated Panel - Drywall Bead Flange - Babcock-Davis     

The BIW Insulated Panel - Drywall Bead Flange is a durable door that provides access through openings for fire-rated walls or ceilings around the commercial building. This access door has a drywall bead flange feature, perfect for drywall surfaces in the building. It also has features such as a concealed pin hinge and a 2-inch fire-rated mineral fiber for insulation, all for you and your building’s convenience. 

Why install the BIW      

Affordable: The BIW access panel also provides a cost-effective solution to address your access door needs for your commercial building.    

Super-Durability: This floor access is tough and durable with its steel material. There is no need to worry about dents and scratches with 20 gauge steel on the door and 16 gauge steel on the frame with two fire rating certifications; The UL listed "B" and Warnock-Hersey.  

Variety: If you are looking for multiple product options, you can choose from BIW's various sizes and options that will surely fit your commercial building.     


  • Door: 20 gauge Steel  
  • Frame: 16 gauge Steel  
  • Size: Min: 6 inches by 6 inches / Max: 36 inches by 48 inches  
  • Installation: Wall or Ceiling  
  • Flange: 1 inch Exposed Drywall Bead  
  • Hinge: Concealed Pin  
  • Insulation: 2-inch Fire-Rated Mineral Fiber; R-8  
  • Certification: UL listed "B" label for 1-1/2 hours (vertical) / Warnock-Hersey listed for 3 hours (horizontal); 24 inches by 36 inches maximum size  
  • Finish: White Powder Coat  
  • Options: Flanges, Latches, Materials, Gaskets, Anchors   

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Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
22" wide by 36" high
Rough Opening Size:
22 1/4" wide x 36 1/4" high
Key/Knurled Knob Operated Lock
Drywall Bead Flange
Concealed Pin Hinge
Gray powder coat primer
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Babcock Davis 22" x 36" Insulated Fire-Rated Panel - Drywall Bead Flange - Babcock-Davis
SKU # BIW-22-36

22" x 36" Insulated Fire-Rated Panel - Drywall Bead Flange - Babcock-Davis

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