PFI-GYP - 22" x 30" Fire-Rated Insulated Panel with Drywall Flange – Cendrex    

PFI-GYP Fire-Rated Insulated Panel with Drywall Flange is a high-quality stainless steel access panel that provides easy access to fire-rated walls and ceilings. The panel features a sturdy drywall flange for secure installation and is insulated to provide additional protection from fire.    

Why install PFI-GYP?    

Fire safety: PFI-GYP has the advantage of being built to comply with fire safety regulations and guidelines. In case of a fire, it adds an extra layer of protection.    

Insulated: The panel is secure with a CFC-free polystyrene core, which helps maintain the surrounding area's temperature, making it ideal for use in climate-controlled environments.    

Durable: The panel is constructed from heavy-duty steel and features a powder-coated finish, making it resistant to rust, corrosion, and wear and tear from everyday use.    

Easy to Install: The drywall flange makes installing the PFI-GYP access panel quick and easy, with no need for framing or additional hardware.    

Versatile: PFI-GYP suits various applications, including residential and commercial construction, HVAC systems, etc.    


  • Door: 20 gauge cold rolled steel frame, and 22-gauge galvanized steel door    
  • Insulation: 2 inches of mineral wool insulation    
  • Hinge: Continuous piano hinge    
  • Latch: Locks with a key and a universal turn ring (U) or screwdriver cam latch (S)    
  • Finish: DuPont high-quality white powder coat    

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If you're looking for a fire-rated, insulated access panel that's easy to install and built to last, PFI-GYP may be the right choice. Contact us at 1-888-445-1819 or view our full range of access doors and panels, and remember to visit our blog for helpful tips and information on access solutions. 

Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
22" wide x 30" high
Rough Opening Size:
22 1/4" wide x 30 1/4" high
Galvannealed Steel and Steel
High Quality White Powder Coat
1 ⅛ drywall corner bead flange"
Continuous piano hinge
Lock / latch:
1 x Self latching tool-key operated latch and/or ring operated latch, both included

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Cendrex 22 x 30 - Fire Rated Insulated Access Door with Drywall Flange - Cendrex
SKU # PFI-GYP-22-30

22" x 30" - Fire-Rated Insulated Panel with Drywall Flange - Cendrex

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