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The BST Fire-Rated Security Access Door – Exposed Flange is a self-closing UL-listed "B" label for (1-1/2 hours) certified access door. It has a 1-inch exposed flange that best fits facilities that require a practical access door and quick and easy-to-install access door.  

Why Install  BST? 

Longevity: The BST access door's durable and wear-and-tear-resistant materials guarantee that it can withstand wear and tear and weather conditions allowing it to last for years.  

Security: The insulated fire-rated security access door has a 14-gauge Steel Outer Door and 20-gauge Steel Inner Door and 16 gauge steel frame that safely protects the building's plumbing, ducts,  HVAC units, cables, and wires from rodents, unauthorized access, and fire accidents.     

Fire-Rated: The BST fire-rated access door follows the NFPA standards, which guarantees that it can withstand smoke, extreme heat, and fire to prevent fire spread and protect occupants and rescue teams from getting respiratory illnesses and other health hazards in the event of a fire.     


Model: BST 

Door:  14 gauge Steel Outer Door  

20 gauge Steel Inner Door  

Frame:16 gauge Steel  

Size Min: 6 inches by 6 inches  


BST: 24 inches by 72 inches or 48 inches by 48 inches  

Installation: Wall  

Flange: 1 inch Exposed  


BST: Flush Continuous Piano 

Insulation: 2-inch Fire-Rated Mineral Fiber  

Certification: UL listed "B" label for 1-1/2 hours  

Finish: White Powder Coat  

Warranty: 1 year  

Options Flanges, Latches, Materials, Gaskets, Anchors  

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Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
16" x 16"
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Babcock Davis 16" x 16" Fire-Rated Security Access Door - Exposed Flange - Babcock-Davis
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16" x 16" Fire-Rated Security Access Door - Exposed Flange - Babcock-Davis

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