12” x 12” Recessed Panel with "Behind Drywall" Flange - 1/2" Inlay

Installing an access door or panel to vital areas in your building is an essential measure for maintenance. Often, it is challenging to blend them if you have a particular design. It presents a concern for frequently used types like the recessed access panels. However, by simply installing the 12 X 12 DW-5058-1, you'll solve it without much effort.

The Benefits of Installing 12 X 12 DW-5058-1: 

  • Made from lightweight, durable, and robust materials 
  • Provides a convenient way of accessing building components for maintenance 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 

The material used for the DW-5058-1 is aluminum, which makes it lightweight and robust. The aluminum extrusion comes fitted with drywall in the door panel, while the frame has a recessed 6063-T6 extrusion that offers a similar edge to the drywall bead. It allows ceiling or wall surface finishing. 

The wing hinge enables the door panel to open up to 90 degrees. It also allows you to remove the door panel from the frame. The door and frame come with safety chains installed as protection. The design is for installation in 1/2" drywall (5/8" also available). 

The DW-5058-1 also has a dust seal gasket and a standard concealed touch latch for simple, dependable operation. Optional latches and locks are also available such as cylinder lock & key, Allen head cam latch, Slotted Screwdriver Cam Latch, and spanner head cam latch. Lastly, it has a powder finish painted white. 

12 X 12 DW-5058-1 Product Specifications: 

  • Material: Aluminum extrusion with drywall fitted in the door panel 
  • Door Frame: Aluminum extrusion 6063-T6 recessed to provide a similar edge to drywall bead, allowing for wall or ceiling surface finishing. 
  • Hinge: The wing hinge allows the door panel to open to 90 degrees and can allow you to remove the door panel from the frame. Safety chain installed on door & frame for safety. 
  • Gasket: Dust seal gasket 
  • Standard Latch: Concealed Touch Latches 
  • Optional Locks/Latches: Slotted Screwdriver Cam Latch, Allen head cam latch, spanner head cam latch, cylinder lock & key. 
  • Finish: Powder Painted White 

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Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
12" wide x 12" high
Rough Opening Size:
12 1/2" wide x 12 1/2" high
Concealed Touch Latches
Flange is recessed to provide similar edge to drywall bead to allow for finishing of wall or ceiling surface
Spring loaded hinge pin allows door panel to open to 90 degrees, and also allows for door panel to be removed from frame. Safety chain installed on door & frame for safety
Mill Finish
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Acudor 12" x 12" Recessed Panel with "Behind Drywall" Flange - 1/2" Inlay - Acudor
SKU # DW-5058-1-12-12-12

12" x 12" Recessed Panel with "Behind Drywall" Flange - 1/2" Inlay - Acudor

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