Light Tunnels

Light Tunnels

Light tunnels are an innovative addition to rooms where windows are not feasible, allowing you to utilize your entire available workspace. In areas where natural light is minimal, add comfort and illumination by installing a light tunnel to channel natural light into your commercial building. Access Doors and Panels offers a variety of low-maintenance light tunnels providing a modern and ecological solution to the problem of dark rooms. Depending on the light intensity outside, light tunnels can serve as the primary light source or in conjunction with an existing window on the opposite wall.

Benefits of Light Tunnels

  • Light tunnels bring natural light into otherwise windowless areas
  • Adds positive energy and comfort to your workspace
  • Saves power from the use of electric lighting and bulbs
  • Requires minimal space for installation

These reflective tunnels allow light to enter a room without exposing a view to the outside. Light tunnels are perfect for:

  • Closets
  • Attics
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Hallways 
  • Stairwells

Sometimes referred to as 'sun tubes' or 'tubular skylights,' light tunnels are immensely popular for green building projects due to their smaller footprint and energy efficiency. They also minimize heating and cooling loss, reduce your reliance on electrical lights, cut down on your overall energy usage, and mean less work for your HVAC system to maintain a consistent temperature.

Tips for Installation

  • Place the light tunnel in the most illuminated area of your south-facing roof (avoid shady spots), and in a location with the shortest distance, the light will travel between roof and ceiling. 
  • Consider diffusion and reflection of light when selecting wall colors and furniture placement.
  • Choose a rigid sun tunnel for installations without obstructions. 
  • Choose a flexible sun tunnel if you need to work around an obstruction. 

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