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Sometimes, it’s not enough to just have easy access to pipes and wiring behind the wall or ceiling. There are certain utilities that are sensitive, and adjustments need to be made only by authorized personnel or professionals. This is particularly true for commercial buildings or homes set up with smart technologies in their electrical and plumbing systems.

When it comes to the need for safe and protected utility access that sets minds at ease, Karp security access doors and panels solve this problem. Karp’s access door and panel solutions ensure that only those authorized to change the building or home internals are granted that properly and are available in medium and high-security variants. For medium security doors, they use a flush, tamper proof spanner headlock, and latch, perfect for housing projects, hospitals, or any instance where a more secure access door is needed. On the other hand, high-security doors, on the other hand, use a heavy-duty detention type lock and latch, perfect for architects and institutions to place maximum security at areas where access is required for repair or maintenance purposes. The door’s and panel’s baked white enamel steel door and frame also have a finish of prime coat of rust inhibitive electrostatic powder.

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