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Most clients are critical even about the tiniest details. This means that in construction design, they would expect that the technical details of a building are hidden away by the smart design of the finished room or space design. This would mean that no unnecessary wires sticking out, nuts and nails in plain sight, and improperly covered flanges and panel edges.

The use of an access door or panel makes it even more complicated. There needs to be a way to access pipes or wires behind the wall or ceiling without disrupting the design aesthetic put in place. Do you know the solution to this problem? Karp recessed access doors and panels. A recessed surface makes it easier to apply the same material on the door as the rest of the wall or ceiling around it. Assimilating the surface to make it as concealed as possible is now easier than ever, whether it be an access door for tile or drywall. Moreover, you can enjoy options for recessed fire-resistant ceiling doors and doors that have factory-installed drywall to match the existing wall.

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