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When it comes to a variety of surfaces that don’t conform to the usual construction standards, using alternative materials that are a better fit for the job at hand is the most plausible route. You can choose from a myriad of materials out there that are ready and available for use while also complying with the latest construction safety standards. It doesn’t matter whether it is drywall or plaster surface, or vertical or ceiling placement-- you will be able to find alternatives that are perfect for it. 

Karp’s flush access door or panel is a little different from the usual industrial standard. It guarantees a design that is inconspicuous and can blend in with a wall or ceiling’s general aesthetic if so chosen to be. Karp has a wide selection of flush access doors and panels that are made from either cold-rolled steel or high impact styrene plastic, which fit a variety of standard drywall or plaster surfaces. The plastic access doors and panels have a white, lightly textured exposed surface for easy painting or wallpaper application, while the cold-rolled steel access doors and panels are covered in a prime coat of rust inhibitive electrostatic powder.

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