Fire Rated

Fire Rated

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It is important not to overlook certain safety requirements such as the standard fire rating for an application when you’re choosing an access door.  Installing the wrong materials can lead to a lot of problems affecting your whole building design. That’s why Access Doors and Panels offers a lineup of  KARP fire rated access panels that can help your building be up to code. Our panels are available in a variety of sizes and designs to fit specific requirements or surfaces.

Featuring the popular KRP-450FR stainless steel access door, one of the products in our selection of non-insulated panels. A special feature of this door includes a textured frame and corner bead so the drywall joint compound can be applied in sufficient thickness to conceal the flange. However, our KRP-450FR is for wall installation only. This model is rated by Underwriters Laboratories for 1.5 hours "B" label on walls. Other special product features include 16 gauge steel, surrounded by galvanized drywall bead, a self-latching door with the automatic closer and interior latch release, a continuous piano hinge, and #4 satin stainless steel finish.

At Access Doors and Panels, we also carry quality insulated panels which include the KRP-150FR rated by Underwriters Laboratories for 1.5 hours "B" label in walls and by Warnock Hersey for 3 hours in ceilings. This door is flush mounted and has mounting holes to facilitate installation. The door is also composed of a 20 gauge cold rolled steel door, 16 gauge mounting frame, 1" flange, continuous piano hinge, a prime coat of rust inhibitive electrostatic powder, baked grey enamel, and spring-loaded sliding bolt type keyed paddle latch, all keyed alike. 

Get what you need from our product line of KARP access doors fire rated today. We offer our panels at economical prices. For orders and inquiries, call us at  1-800-609-2917!

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