Adding natural light to a room has never been so simple or cost-effective as with the Standard Curb Mounted Skylight FXR-L. A new or retrofit project can benefit from its simple but versatile frame design. The window will last long and won't rust because its material doesn't soak up water.

FXR-L can withstand periods of fluctuating humidity. Moisture drains out of the skylight through a channel built into the inside of the frame. Appropriate for roofs with pitches ranging from 0 to 60 degrees. Installation is made easy with a full 360-degree rotation.

Why Choose FXR-L

  • Add natural light to your building without breaking the bank
  • Reduce the risk of any moisture-related damage
  • Ensures quick and easy installation
  • A warm spacer increases condensation resistance
  • Heat-reflecting and low-emission and double glazing with Argon gas

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