Fire Rated

Fire Rated

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If you want to conceal fuse boxes and other combustible materials in walls and ceilings, is required that you install a fire-rated access door. These doors don’t only provide quick and safe access to fixtures during service adjustments but also assist with fire-safety in commercial and industrial buildings. Get your supply of these quality building materials from Access Doors and Panels. We offer you fire rated access doors, fire rated ceiling access doors, and grease duct doors from Elmdor

We recommend the FR series for wall installation, rated by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for 1-1/2 hours, "B" Label, and meet ANSI-UL 10B standard; while the FRC series for wall and ceiling installations is rated by Underwriters Laboratories for 1.5 hours, "B" label in walls, and by Warnock Hersey for 3 hours in ceilings and 2 hours in walls. Both doors feature heavy-duty spring closer to assure positive latching when the panel closes.

For new installations or for remodeling the interior of commercial and institutional kitchen ducts, use our grease duct doors from Elmdor, available in 7 standard sizes. It is fabricated from 16 gauge galvanized steel including an integral fire-rated gasket with two integral door handles for removing and installing. The product is ready to ship in 2-3 weeks. 

Don’t look any further and select from our different product sizes today. Buy our Elmdor fire-rated access doors at affordable prices!

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